You wish to apply for asylum in the Netherlands. Asylum is a form of protection. Anyone has the right to apply for asylum. The IND assesses whether a person needs protection.


Criteria known of transitional arrangement for children’s pardon

- The criteria of the Final Regulation have been published on 11 February in the Dutch Government G...

Total Aslylum Trends November 2.589

- ​In November 2018 the total asylum influx (the total of first and repeated asylum applications an...

Total asylum influx in September 2.990

- ​In September 2018 the total asylum influx (the total of first and repeated asylum applications a...

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  • ​Are you from a safe country asking for asylum in The Netherlands? You have little chance of being granted a residence permit asylum. You follow a fast asylum procedure, focused on the return to your country of origin. After the first negative decision your housing facility stops, even if you appeal to the court. You will get an entry ban of two years for the EU, even if you revoke your asylum request. The IOM will not give you a return grant. 

  • You apply for asylum in the first EU/EEA country you enter during your journey. If, at a later date, you also apply for asylum in the Netherlands, the IND could send you back to the first EU country in question.

  • ​An infographic showing the steps in the Dutch asylumprocedure.

  • ​Check the asylum website in 8 languages of the Dutch Council for Refugees. Here, you can read more information about the asylum procedure, family reunification, housing, healthcare, work and income, integration, education and return.