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Work for the IND

From a refugee who is not safe in their own country to an engineer who is coming to the Netherlands to apply their knowledge in practice: as an IND staff member you help people faced with major  events in their lives. 

These people need us. And we need you.
Whether you are an IT specialist, decision staff member or lawyer. Because we play such an important role in many people´s lives, it is important that we are reliable, fair and professional. And that we are people-centred. So of course  these are also the values we are looking for in our new colleagues.

What can you do for us?

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This is what we can do for you

  • Social relevance

  • A job where you can make a difference to many people
  • A job where diversity comes first
  • The opportunity to contribute to an even better IND
  • Substantive challenge

  • Varied work and a challenging environment
  • Work that is closely linked to political themes: you are close to what is going on in the world
  • Personal development

  • Opportunities and budget to develop yourself fully
  • Internal training via the IND Academy (and a personal training budget)
  • Interesting opportunities to constantly steer your career in directions that match your talent and preferences
  • Attractive conditions

  • A good balance between work and private life
  • Good pay and employee benefits with a stable employer
  • Hybrid work with a healthy balance between office and home


Stories from your future colleagues

My work is a grey area in which I have to take black-and-white decisions

A foreign national who applies for asylum in the Netherlands can tell their story in different interviews. One of the interview and decision-making staff members sitting on the other side of the table is Carla, a senior staff member at the IND. ‘Each day, I reflect on how much impact my decisions have on the applicants’ lives. That is why it’s important that every decision is taken very carefully.’

The better the systems, the faster people know where they stand

She may not be a technician, but she is indeed technical. Jeanet is scrum master at the IND. It is her job, together with her teams, to improve the IT systems of the IND. ‘The better our systems work, the faster applicants have certainty about whether they can stay in the Netherlands. That’s what I do it for.’

I feel satisfied if I’ve carefully weighed up all the pros and cons

Serdar is a legal representative at the IND. He is in court every week to defend IND decisions rejecting applications. ‘I am aware that this is disappointing and drastic for the applicants concerned. But it can be a good choice from a social viewpoint. It feels good to know that, by taking careful decisions, I’ve done my part for a higher interest.’

Look at out latest vacancies (only in Dutch)

Social media coordinator

Would you like to work in a team to professionalise the corporate social channels of the IND? Do you like content that aligns with those questions about our work that are current in society? Are you looking for the variation of strategy, advice, and creation? Then we are looking for you!

CIO Adviser

You play an important role in the field of information at the Information Department (In Dutch: Directie IV). Here, you are closely involved in strategy, policy and recommendations. You are responsible for fleshing out IT-related projects and the provision of information about migration. Together with your colleagues, you compile recommendations for relevant decisions for the CIO, board and IND. You know the chances of success better than anyone else and you give a realistic assessment of this.

Senior Communications

As a Senior Communications Adviser, you are responsible for all change-related communications projects, particularly in the field if ICT, for the IND. You are responsible for the development and implementation of an effective communications strategy within a complex stake holder field.

These vacancies are always open

IT specialists

At the IND, you are not just an IT staff member. You are a specialist who works for the Netherlands as a whole. What is more: you work for the world. You do this by helping us with modern solutions and data-driven services. For example for people applying for asylum in The Neteherlands or people who want to come here as an expat or student.

Legal representative

Which foreign nationals have a future in the Netherlands? And who must return to their country of origin? When a third-country national challenges a decision on their residence, then you represent the Minister for Migration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the court and at the Council of State.

Interview and Decision Staff

Migration is about people. People who ask for protection, want to study here or offer their skills. Others want to work in the Netherlands, live here with their family or acquire Dutch citizenship. Migration cases like this require well-considered decisions. Would you like a meaningful role in deciding these cases?