When you visit a page of, cookies can be placed on your computer.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file. When first visiting our website this text file is saved onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. With the cookie the IND website recognises your computer during your visit and during a following visit.

The IND uses different kind of cookies

The IND only uses technical and functional cookies. These are necessary to make the website work properly. No personal information is stored in these technical and functional cookies.

Because the cookies do not impact your privacy, we do not have to ask for permission beforehand to place these cookies.

The IND used to kind of cookies:

1. Necessary cookies

These are cookies that are needed to safe your settings and preferences during your visit to the website or until a following visit. For example: You do not want any cookies from a certain website. That  website can 'remember' this by placing a cookie. Without cookies you will be bothered by the same questions each time.

2. Cookies for analysis of website use

There are cookies that transmit to the website which pages you view, in which order and how long. This can be used for web statistics. Web statistics can help to improve the website. Similar cookies are those used to hold online surveys.

No personal data

Cookies we use on do not contain personal data. The cookies, therefore, cannot be used automatically to identify you. Additional information would be needed for this. Our cookies thus do not threaten your privacy.

Do you object to cookies?

Do you want to exclude cookies completely? You can do so by way of the settings of your browser (internet program). You can find more information about cookies and switching off cookies on: