My IND is an online service from the IND. In My IND you can see your personal details and the status of your application.

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To use My IND you have to log in using DigiD with SMS-code. DigiD is explained in different languages (Dutch, English, French, Arabic and Tigrinya). 

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Information in My IND

My IND has the following subjects:

  • Personal details: Here you see your personal details as known to the IND. Some details you can change yourself. Other details you will have to get changed at the municipality.
  • Applications: Here you see when you will get an answer on your application. And you see how far the IND is with treating your application. This is called the status of your application. You see a submitted application up to 28 days after the application is finished.
  • Residence permit: Here you see which residence permit you have. And the information that is on the residence document.
  • Follow-up options: Here you see an overview of other applications you can do in your situation. You only see a follow up application when you can submit that application. For example, you see the card for extension only from 3 months before your residence permit expires.

Family members

Are you a sponsor for a family member? Then you also see the information for you family member. Would you like to see the information for your child? And is your child under 12 years old? Then log in with your own DigiD. Your child's DigiD will not show information.