Business Portal

​​Welcome to the Business Portal. In this portal, business customers of the IND can apply and send applications.

To get access the secured environment you need eHerkenning. Find out more on the eHerkenning website, where you will find information and how you can apply for eHerkenning. The website is only in Dutch.

In the suppliers overview (leveranciersoverzicht) you select a supplier with security level 3. Your supplier offers several services. To submit online applications at the IND you have to select the service 'Access to the portal' (in Dutch:Toegang tot het portaal).

Processing times on your application for eHerkenning takes on average 1 to 5 working days. Usually, you can directly login to the Business Portal. Is login still not possible? And, are you authorised to submit applications by a registered sponsor? In that case, you have to register your authorisation first. Please send an e-mail to Team Zakelijk and enclose the authorisation as an attachment. Within 5 working days you will receive a notification that your registration at the IND has been processed. After this it is possible to submit applications online in the Business Portal.

Login Business Portal

Services Business Portal

The following services are available in the Business Portal:

  • Submit applications: you only see the applications that you have to submit for your employees. Other applications, like a permanent residence permit, can only be submitted by the employee. Your employees themselves can see which applications they can submit in My IND.
  • View the status of your submitted applications (only for recognised sponsors)
  • Register or de-register an employee (only for recognised sponsors)
  • View account information (only for recognised sponsors)
  • Access to file documents (only for recognised sponsors)

Reporting technical issues Business Portal through e-mail only

Are you unable to log on or experiencing other technical difficulties after having logged on? And are you sure this is not caused by your Internet provider and/or supplier of your eHerkenning? Please send an e-mail to Team Zakelijk that has at least the following information:

  • Screenshot of the error;
  • The date that you experienced the error or malfunction, including the exact time(s);
  • Short description of the technical issue.

Upon receipt, your e-mail will be processed and, if necessary, forwarded to our IT-experts.