Press and information

On this page we collect information about the IND, such as current developments and background information. Journalists can also contact our spokesperson directly.

Our spokesperson

Britt Enthoven
Mobile: 06 29 67 44 40

Tom van Essenberg
Mobile: 06 23 30 76 98


For questions from the public, please visit our contact page.



Current topics

Statistics and publications

We are often asked questions about facts and statistics. They are available on our page Statistics and publications. This page contains various publications and background information about the migration system, the IND and how we work.


IND staff regularly organise information sessions for groups, for example at companies or schools. These information sessions can be about application processes and policy or the work of the IND and our role in asylum cases. Would you like us to hold a session? Then please complete this form (in Dutch only) at least 8 weeks in advance. 

More about us


VreemdelingenVisie (‘Vision on Foreign Nationals’) is a Dutch-language online magazine by the COA, DT&V and IND. In it, we discuss subjects such as admission, reception, guidance and support, and the return of foreign nationals. Read the latest edition here.

IND Social Advisory Council

The Social Advisory Council (in Dutch: Maatschappelijke adviesraad or MAR) advises the IND about the implementation of immigration policy.