Becoming a Dutch Citizen

You wish to become a Dutch citizen. There are different ways for this: automatically by birth or acknowledgement, or by means of naturalisation or option.


Term application Dutch citizenship after an offence from four to five years

- ​As of 1 May 2018 the rehabilitation term is extended from four to five years.

New fees as of 1 January 2018

- ​With effect from 1 January 2018, the fees are increased by 1.3%.

Application forms and brochures only available online

- ​From 1 June 2017 it is no longer possible to receive printed application forms and brochures fro...

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Nice to know

  • If you do not have a passport and/or birth certificate, you may possibly appeal to 'lack of documentary evidence'.
  • Did you lose the Publication of the granting of Dutch citizenship? You can then request your municipality to provide a Certificate of having Dutch Citizenship.
  • When you apply for naturalisation or option, you only apply for the Dutch nationality. Only once you have become a Dutch citizen, you can then request for a Dutch passport or identity document from the municipality or Dutch representation.