Regaining Dutch citizenship

Last update: 22 November 2023

You have lost your Dutch citizenship and want to regain it. Find out what the requirements are and how the process works.


When you lost Dutch citizenship, you can regain Dutch nationality in 2 ways:

  • By submitting an application for naturalisation as a Dutch citizen. 
  • Via the option procedure.
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  • Requirements for naturalisation

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  • Requirements for option procedure

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Process and costs

These are the steps in the application process for naturalisation and option procedure:

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  • 1. Check requirements open minus
  • 1. Check requirements open minus
  • 2. Collect documents open minus
  • 3. Apply open minus
  • 4. Pay for application open minus
  • 5. Wait for decision on application open minus
  • 6. Decision on application open minus
  • 7. The naturalisation ceremony open minus