Interview and Decision Staff

Migration is about people. People who ask for protection, want to study here or offer their skills. Others want to work in the Netherlands, live here with their family or acquire Dutch citizenship. Migration cases like these require well-considered decisions. Would you like a meaningful role in deciding these cases?

This means a job as interview and decision staff

As an interview and decision staff member you process applications by people from all across the world. You can delve into all kinds of countries and cultures and you will learn more about people than you ever could have imagined. Working at the IND also means you have a job with great impact. Your decisions are important, not only for the applicants but also for society as a whole. You are there for people and for the security of our country. That is not always simple. Sometimes you see happy people and sometimes very emotional people. This job is anything but standard – but never boring either, which enables you to continue developing yourself. The latter is something we at the IND consider very important.


hoor en beslis
There are so many possibilities to be of consequence. I haven’t been bored for a single day in all those years. This is because you notice changes in the world almost immediately at the IND. And you have to do something about them. This keeps the work interesting. If I had to carry out the same routine every day, I would quickly be tired of it.

Recruitment rounds in 2023

At the Asylum and Protection department, we are continuously searching for professionals for the position of Interview and Decision staff member, for both family reunification and asylum. In 2023, we organise application rounds roughly every other month, in which you can let us know you are interested.
We would like to receive your CV in Dutch, with a cover letter from which it becomes clear why you are intrinsically motivated to have this great position. You can apply for one of the open vacancies and indicate in your cover letter if there is another location that appeals to you as a second choice.

Each application round consists of these steps: 

 •  first your written application will be assessed in the week after closure of the vacancy;

  • next, you will have a digital writing assessment in which your analytical skills, writing skills and Dutch language control are assessed. You will receive the result within a week;
  • if your assessment is successful, you will have a personal interview with a manager, expert client and a recruiter at an IND location;
  • if the outcome of your interview is positive, you will receive an offer within a week, in which we discuss the terms of employment with you. The pay scale is determined based on relevant work experience;
  • lastly, we are happy to welcome you into the Basic Asylum Training Programme (in Dutch: Basis Opleiding Asiel or BOA) or Basic Asylum Family Reunification Training Programme (in Dutch: Basis Opleiding Nareis or BON). 


Application deadline


Writing test



25 July

14 August

15 August

4 September

13/14/15 September

Week 41

10 October

23 October

24 October

6 November

15/16/17 November

Week 50

Job as an Interview and Decision staff member, including training

What happens if we hire you? Then the IND will offer you a job that starts with a training and counselling pathway of 9 to 12 months at the BOA (in Utrecht or Zwolle) or 2 months at the BON (at your own location). In this period, we teach you everything you need to develop into an independent interview and decision staff member and you will gradually be given more own responsibility. After this period, you will still be able to continue to learn and develop yourself. We are keen to support you in this because we hope to have a good and long-term working relationship with you.

Information and application

Do you want more information? Or to apply for a job? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

A glimpse of the future

Are you curious about your future co-workers and how you can be of consequence to us as an interview and decision staff member? Below are two videos that you can already watch!