IT specialist at the IND

At the IND, you are not just an IT staff member. You are a specialist who works for the Netherlands as a whole. What is more: you work for the world. You do this by helping us with modern solutions and  data-driven services. For example for people applying for asylum in the Netherlands or people who want to come here as an expat or student.

Are you a smart and resolute ICT worker? And do you like to work in an organisation with social impact? Then join the IND. We have vacancies in fields including software development, architecture, project management, information security, data management and data modelling, and test and control management.

This is where we want to go, with your help

We want to be a modern and data-driven service provider within five years. This sets different and higher requirements for our provision of information. And we want to digitise our processes even more. In addition, as an organisation that provides information we want to be flexible and able to respond to change. At the same time, the information landscape must also be robust and future-proof. Slowly but surely, we are changing over to a more innovative and flexible software stack and a supporting platform. And in addition, we are adopting an event-driven architecture consisting of microservices. We are examining which stack is most appropriate for each function.



The faster the systems work, the faster colleagues can interview and decide. And the faster people know where they stand. ICT simply has consequences.’

About us

The Information Provision (IV) Department delivers solutions for all departments of the IND. We design, test and implement ICT solutions that are in line with the organisation’s need for change. Or, rather: that anticipate it. We do this under our own management and in close cooperation with the departments and colleagues involved. We sometimes work in spurts, sometimes in combined client teams, and sometimes in projects. We purchase certain ICT services, such as our work stations.

Your co-workers

At the IND you will have about 300 professional ICT co-workers who are faced with the same assignment. They work with different methods and techniques on a daily basis, for example DevOps, Java, Liferay, Apex, .net, E(lastic)LK stack, Kafka, AxonIQ, Camunda, Spring, MongoDB, NEO4J, PostgreSQL, VMWare CF, Kubernetes. Our department is characterised by a relaxed working atmosphere. Diversity and inclusion are important themes. We want everyone to feel at home at the IND. At our modern office in The Hague, but also when we work together from home.

Continue developing yourself

We are faced with a great challenge for which we can really use your help! And of course we would also like to do something for you. For instance, you can continue to develop yourself, because at the IND we understand how fast professional knowledge can change in your professional field. Besides study programmes, trainings and courses, we also encourage knowledge transfer. Each section has a “top specialist”: an expert and ambassador in one. This person acts as an expert and encourages co-workers to make an active contribution to gaining and providing knowledge. We will be glad to guide you on your career path, because we hope that we can look forward to a good and long-lasting work relationship together.

Read the interview with scrum master Jeanette.


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  • Software development, architecture, project management, information security, data management and data modelling, test and control management.