Each year, the IND processes around 43,000 applications for residency from students and employees. This makes up a large proportion of our work. We make sure that these applications are processed smoothly and quickly.

Working or studying in the Netherlands

International students, employees, entrepreneurs: they all contribute to our economy through their knowledge and innovations. We make the Netherlands attractive for international talent through quick and simple application procedures.

Residence for study

Every year, the IND receives around 20,000 applications for residency from students who have registered with a Dutch university. Most applicants are from China, India, the United States, Turkey and Indonesia.

This is what we do for students

We work closely together with educational institutions, Nuffic (the Dutch organisation for internationalisation of education) and other organisations. We have consultation hours and organise workshops for staff of educational institutions. This explains how we grant most applications (98%). Our efforts help to:

  • Inform students as well as possible
  • Fill in paperwork correctly
  • Avoid incomplete applications


There are certain requirements to obtain a permit for study. A student must, for example, register with an educational institution and obtain at least 50 percent of the study credits every year. Applicants must also have enough money to live from. The IND always assesses whether someone meets these requirements. After their studies, students can apply for a permit to stay in the Netherlands for a year to find work. In this way, the knowledge gained stays in the Netherlands.

Experiences applicants

Residency for work

There are various provisions for people who want to work in the Netherlands. Companies wishing to employ foreign employees can apply to us for a residence permit. We have separate application processes for specific groups, such as highly skilled migrants, start-up employees and researchers.

Traineeship or temporary employment

It is possible to follow a traineeship or gain work experience in the Netherlands. Usually, this concerns a short stay on a visa. It is also possible to apply to work as a frontier worker.

Employee talking

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This is what we do for companies

Employers want to set up their (new) staff quickly. That is why we work closely with employers to prevent abuse of the provisions. A number of requirements apply. A company must, for example, have a location in the Netherlands where the employee will be working. The company must also be registered at the Netherlands´ Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch: Kamer van Koophandel or KvK). And the employee must have a contract. If companies and organisations need to employ staff from abroad more often, they can become recognised sponsors. Then they do not need to submit as many supporting documents for new employees.

Important topics

Medical examination in the asylum process

The IND assesses whether someone who applies for asylum has the right to stay in the Netherlands. A medical examination is almost always part of this asylum process. But exactly which examinations are there, and in which situations is such an…

Penalties and the IND

If someone applies for residency in the Netherlands, the IND must decide on this application within a certain period. This is the legal decision period. If the IND does not decide within this legal period, we may have to pay a sum of money to the…

National security

The IND is on the alert for risks and threats to national security when assessing applications for residency. For example terrorism. The IND can also take measures that help to protect national security.

More about our work areas


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