Apply for asylum in the Netherlands

Last update: 22 November 2023

You want to apply for an asylum residence permit because you need protection. Find out what the requirements are and how you apply for a residence permit.


You can obtain a residence permit if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You have well-founded reasons to fear of persecution in your country of origin because of your race, religion, nationality or political opinion, or because you belong to a certain social group. These reasons are explained in the Geneva Convention on Refugees.
  • You have well-founded reasons to fear the death penalty or execution, torture or other inhumane or degrading treatment in your country of origin.
  • You have well-founded reasons to fear that you will become a victim of random violence due to an armed conflict in your country of origin.
  • Your husband or wife, partner, father, mother or minor child has recently obtained an asylum residence permit in the Netherlands.


If possible, bring important documents with you to the Netherlands. These are documents showing who you are and why you are applying for asylum.

Process and costs

Applying for asylum is free of charge. When applying for asylum, you follow the asylum procedure.

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  • 1. Application, identification and registration open minus
  • 2. TB test open minus
  • 1. Application interview open minus
  • 3. Application interview open minus
  • 4. Rest and Preparation Time (RVT): preparation for the General Asylum Procedure (AA) open minus
  • 5. General Asylum Procedure open minus

The residence permit

Collect the residence permit

You obtain the residence permit immediately after the decision if possible. Otherwise, you will receive a letter when the residence permit is ready at the IND desk. You can collect the residence permit by appointment only. Appointment to collect your residence document or original document.
At the IND desk you hand in the Foreign Nationals Identity Document (in Dutch: Vreemdelingen Identiteitsbewijs).

Working with the residence permit

You are free to work in the Netherlands. Your employer does not need a work permit (in Dutch: tewerkstellingsvergunning or TWV). The back of the residence permit says ‘Free to work. Work permit not required' (in Dutch: Arbeid vrij toegestaan. TWV niet vereist). 

Legal obligations

You have an obligation to provide information. This means that you must inform the IND of changes in your situation. Find out more about your obligation to provide information
The IND monitors whether you keep your obligation. If you do not, you may get an administrative fine

Validity of the residence permit

The temporary asylum residence period is valid for 5 years. 

Other applications

Repeat asylum applications (HASA)

After rejection of your asylum application you can apply for asylum again. this is called a repeat asylum application (in Dutch: herhaalde asielaanvraag or HASA). 

Replacement of the residence permit

Has the residence permit been damaged, lost or stolen? Make sure to replace your residence permit. Go to the page residence permit damaged or change of personal details or residence permit lost or stolen.

Extension of the residence permit 

Will your residence permit expire soon? You can extend the residence permit.

Permanent residence permit

Have you had a temporary asylum residence permit for 5 years? You can then apply for a permanent asylum residence permit.

Intention to withdraw residence permit

The IND can withdraw your residence permit for a number of reasons. Withdrawal of a residence permit has major consequences.

Does the IND intend to withdraw your residence permit? Then you will receive a letter. Do you not agree with this intention of withdrawal? Then you can present your perspective in a viewpoint (letter). In this viewpoint, you state why your residence permit should not be withdrawn. You can ask a lawyer for help with writing this down. Send your letter to the IND within 6 weeks.