Permanent asylum residency

Last update: 6 July 2023

You want to apply for a permanent asylum residence permit. This is possible, if you have had an asylum residence permit for 5 years. Read what the requirements are and how you apply for the residence permit.


  • You have had a temporary asylum residence permit for at least 5 consecutive years. 
  • The reason why you received an asylum residence permit still exists.
  • Your main residence  is in the Netherlands. This means that you live in the Netherlands and spend most of your time there.
  • You have fulfilled the civic integration requirement
  • You have not given any incorrect information or withheld information during your asylum application. If you had given the correct or complete information, your application would have been rejected. 
  • You do not pose a danger to public order or national security. 

Process and costs

These are the steps in the application process for the residence permit:

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  • 1. Check requirements open minus
  • 1. Check requirements open minus
  • 2. Collect documents open minus
  • 3. Apply open minus
  • 4. Pay for the application open minus
  • 5. Wait for decision on application open minus
  • 6. Decision on application open minus
  • 7. Collect residence permit open minus

Application forms

You can submit this application online. You must have DigiD with SMS verification and internet banking (iDEAL).

Online application form extension temporary asylum permit or application for a permanent asylum permit

Written application forms

Download the form if you prefer to fill in the application manually and send it by post.
Extend application for a temporary asylum residence permit; or permanent asylum residence permit; or EU residence permit for long-term residents 6011 (only available in Dutch)

The residence permit

What else you need to know about the residence permit:

Working with the residence permit

You are free to work in the Netherlands. Your employer does not need a work permit (in Dutch: tewerkstellingsvergunning or TWV). On the back of the residence permit it says ‘Free to work. Work permit is not required (in Dutch: Arbeid vrij toegestaan. TWV niet vereist). TWV stands for tewerkstellingsvergunning which means work permit in Dutch.

Legal obligations

You have an obligation to provide information. This means that you must inform the IND of changes in your situation. Read more about your obligation to provide information.
The IND checks whether you meet your obligations. Are you violating your obligations? You may get an administrative fine.

Validity of the residence permit

A permanent residence permit has no end date. The document itself is valid for 5 years. You must renew the residence document every 5 years.

Other applications

Replacement of the residence permit

Has the residence permit been damaged, lost or stolen? Then, have the residence permit replaced. Go to the page residence permit damaged or change of personal details or residence permit lost or stolen.

Renewal of the residence permit

Will the residence document expire soon? You must then renew the residence document

Intention to withdraw residence permit

The IND can withdraw your residence permit for a number of reasons. Withdrawal of a residence permit has major consequences.

Does the IND intend to withdraw your residence permit? Then you will receive a letter. Do you not agree with this intention of withdrawal? Then you can present your perspective in a viewpoint (letter). In this viewpoint, you state why your residence permit should not be withdrawn. You can ask a lawyer for help with writing this down. Send your letter to the IND within 6 weeks.