Main residency

Last update: 25 April 2024

You must have main residency in the Netherlands if you have a right of residence here. This means that you live and spend most of your time in the Netherlands. Moving your main residency can end your right of residence. Find out in which situations you have moved your main residency according to the IND.

Situations of moving main residency

In the following situations the IND may assume that you have moved your main residency outside the Netherlands.

  • You have been abroad longer than allowed. How long you may stay abroad depends on the type of right of residence you have.
  • When you left the Netherlands, you used a remigration scheme. For example, a scheme under the Remigration Act (in Dutch: Remigratiewet or Rw).
  • Signals about changes in your situation, for instance:
    • You are no longer registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of your local council (in Dutch: gemeente). Find out more about the BRP on Are you temporarily going to another EU country for intra EU-mobility? In that case you may temporarily deregister from the BRP. But in that case, your employer, educational institution or research institution must notify the IND of this in time.
    • You have been deregistered from the Tax and Customs Administration (in Dutch: Belastingdienst) before departure abroad.
    • The Aliens Police (AVIM) have been notified of your departure abroad.
    • You resign or are dismissed, or your employer’s business stops. Or you stop your own business.
    • You cancel a bank or giro account.
    • You regularly (periodically) have money transferred to an address outside the Netherlands.
    • You buy off your pension rights.
    • Your home in the Netherlands has been emptied and your home contents (possessions) have been moved abroad.
    • Your home in the Netherlands has been let or sublet to other people.

Consequences of moving your main residency

Does the IND consider that you have moved your main residency abroad? In that case the IND can withdraw your residence permit. The IND can also decide not to extend your residence permit. Do you have a right of residence in the Netherlands under EU-rules? When moving main residency you will lose your right of residence.

Type of right of residence and rules on moving main residency

The period you may remain abroad depends on the type of right of residence you have. See for each type of right of residence when the IND considers that your main residency has been moved.

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  • Temporary or permanent residence permit asylum or regular

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  • Residence permit for long-term EU residents

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  • Residency under EU rules

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  • Right of residence under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

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