Short Stay

You wish to stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of 90 days. You generally need a visa for this. It depends on your nationality if you need a visa. A short stay visa allows you to travel to the Schengen countries and Switzerland.


Visiting an IND-desk only possible by appointment

- ​Would you like to visit one of the IND desks? To make use of the products and services at the IN...

Airport transit visa requirement for Cubans as of 29 January 2018

- ​Airport transit visa requirement on 29 January 2018

New fees as of 1 January 2018

- ​With effect from 1 January 2018, the fees are increased by 1.3%.

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Nice to know

  • You apply for a short stay visa to a Dutch representation abroad. You cannot apply for this to the IND.

  • Do you sponsor someone who wishes to come to the Netherlands for a short stay and you are married? Then both you and your spouse sign the proof of sponsorship.

  • You can sponsor multiple persons. You then fill in a separate form 'Proof of Sponsorship and/or private accommodation' for each person.

  • Has your application for a short stay visa been rejected? Then you You can apply for a review of this decision. The address is:
    Visa service
    P.O. Box 2
    9560 AA TER APEL