You wish to stay with your family in the Netherlands. You need a residence permit for this. Whether you can get a residence permit depends on your situation. It also depends on the family member who you wish to live with in the Netherlands.


Temporary easing of the requirement of authorisation for a temporary stay (MVV) due to COVID-19

- ‚ÄčThe State Secretary for Justice and Security will temporarily ease the requirement for some spec...

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Nice to know

  • You do not have to submit the application for a residence permit yourself. Your family member can do this for you.

  • Only the family member you are going to live with, can sponsor you.

  • You do not have to be married to live with your partner in the Netherlands. You can also apply for a residence permit if you are registered as partners or if you are not married.

  • Your family member does not need to have his own home.

  • After several years with a residence permit to stay with a family member, you may apply for an independent residence permit.