You wish to apply for asylum in the Netherlands. Asylum is a form of protection. Anyone has the right to apply for asylum. The IND assesses whether a person needs protection.


Asylum influx in September 2021

- ​The asylum influx has increased for the ninth month in a row. In September, the total asylum inf...

560 Afghan evacuees have received asylum decision

- ​In the past weeks, 560 Afghan evacuees received an asylum decision from the Immigration and Natu...

Asylum influx August 2021

- ​The asylum influx has increased again. In August, the total asylum influx (the total number of f...

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  • Do you apply for asylum in the Netherlands? And is another European country responsible for handling your asylum application? Then, you will follow the Dublin procedure.

  • Visit for more information in 8 languages about asylum and rules in the Netherlands. There you can also find out what help the Dutch Council for Refugees has to offer you.