Appointment for registration of family member of refugee in Zevenaar

Last update: 20 May 2022

You (sponsor) have an asylum residence permit in the Netherlands. Your family member may travel to the Netherlands to live with you. After arriving in the Netherlands, family members of refugees must register by appointment in Zevenaar. Find out when you need to make an appointment for your family member in Zevenaar. 

Online appointment

From 1 December 2021, a group of family members of refugees will have to register at the location in Zevenaar instead of Ter Apel. This is only possible by appointment. Making an appointment is free of charge. You can make an appointment online for all your family members who come to the Netherlands. You can do this by entering the V-numbers and the first names and surnames of all your travelling family members in our appointment planner. Your counsellor from the Dutch Council of Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk Nederland or VWN) can help you to make an appointment. This appointment is only intended for registration purposes and not for collecting a residence document.

Appointment in Zevenaar only possible if you have a home

You can only make an appointment for your family member if you already have a home in the Netherlands. Your local council (in Dutch: gemeente) must approve your home for all your family members to live in. Registration in Zevenaar is possible from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 15.00. The address of the IND in Zevenaar is: Ringbaan-Zuid 2A, 6905 DB Zevenaar. You will have to report at E-gebouw Aanmeld Nareis (E Building). You cannot stay overnight in Zevenaar.

What if you still live in a COA reception centre? Then your family member registers in Ter Apel. They must do this within 3 days after arriving in the Netherlands. Registration in Ter Apel is possible at any time and without an appointment. The address of the IND in Ter Apel is: Ter Apelervenen 3, 9561 MC Ter Apel.

Would you like to know what happens during registration in Zevenaar or Ter Apel? Find out about the different steps in the application process for family members of refugees.

The IND will check your appointment

In the appointment planner you provide an e-mail. This could also be the e-mail address of your counsellor from VWN. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail from the IND when you have made the appointment. What if you make an appointment when you do not yet have a home or do not have an approved home? Then the IND will cancel the appointment. Your family member must then register in Ter Apel. 

Only make an appointment after booking flight or travel

Has your family member collected their provisional residence permit (MVV) from the Dutch embassy? Then you can book the flight or travel for your family member to the Netherlands. Only make an appointment for your family member at the IND location in Zevenaar after you have booked their flight or travel.    

Make online appointment

Cancelling appointment

What if the appointment made in Zevenaar cannot go through? For example, because your family member arrives in the Netherlands later than planned? Then cancel the appointment via the link in the e-mail confirming your appointment. The IND can also cancel an appointment. This is the case, for example, if your travelling family member has to register in Ter Apel. 

New appointment in Zevenaar

After cancelling an appointment, make a new appointment for your family member online on this web page as soon as this is possible. Your family member will live with you at your home until the day of the new appointment.

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