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Scoring system self-employed persons

To apply for a residence permit to work on a self-employed basis, you must show that it serves an 'essential Dutch interest'. There is a points system to assess this.

The scoring system consists of 3 parts:

  1. Personal experience (education, entrepreneurship, work experience)
  2. Business plan (market analysis, product/service, price, organization, financing).
  3. Added value for the Netherlands (innovation, employment creation, investments).

The entrepreneur has to submit documents and documentary evidence when applying for the residence permit. The points are then awarded based on the documents that were submitted and the Ministry of Economic Affairs gives a recommendation. The parts together consist of a total of 300 points. At least 90 points are needed, with a minimum of 30 points for each part. The conditions are more flexible for highly educated foreign nationals.

Scoring system start-up entrepreneurs (start-ups)

In order to transition to the self-employment scheme, the start-up entrepreneur must meet the standard conditions associated with the self-employment scheme.

In addition, he must have a statement from the facilitator, showing that he completed the supervisory trajectory in a minimum of 3 months and with positive results. Thus, the start-up entrepreneur shows that he has developed enough personal experience and has a sufficiently viable company. Within the scoring system, the statement of the facilitator equals at least the minimum score for personal experience, business plan and added value for the Dutch economy.