Interpreters in (asylum) procedure

​For the benefit of a careful and efficient asylum procedure, the IND makes use of interpreters in various languages and variations. 

The IND is legally obliged (art. 28 of Wbtv), in principle, to  make use of interpreters who are entered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Rbtv).  Registered persons only are autorized tot work as a  sworn interpreter. In case there are no registered interpreters of a certain language listed or available, interpreters who are not (yet) listed in the aforementioned register will be approached. The IND is doing business with interpreters directly, without intervention of an employement agency.

Language needs

Are you not a sworn interpreter Arabic yet, than there is no need for you to respond. Check the website of the Agency for Sworn Interpreters and Translators (

We are in urgent need for interpreters in Igbo. For that reason we  invite you strongly to respond to this appeal.

There is a certain need for more interpreters in the following languages: 
* Bengali
* Chimini (Baraawe)
* Edo
* Fur
* Ishan
* Igbo
* Pidgin English (Nigeria)
* Shona
* Soninke
* Telugu
* Wolof
* Yoruba

Are you interested to act as interpreter? Please first check if you meet the conditions below

The following conditions are required in order to assess an application:

  • Dutch nationality, or a residence permit in the Netherlands and a work permit
  • Demonstrable professional and intellectual ability at higher professional education level (HBO), though at least professional and intellectual ability at level MBO 4 (senior vocational education)
  • Good, active and up-to-date knowledge of the Dutch language (at a minimum N2T level, programme 2, all skills) and of the foreign language
  • Relevant experience as an interpreter and knowledge of the required interpreter ethics
  • Good general development and knowledge of relevant terminology in both languages
  • Good knowledge and insight in the culture of the country or countries in which the foreign language is spoken
  • Ethical and impeccable character.

How can you express your interest?

Send an e-mail including the documents listed below to the following (general) mailbox: It is our target to react within 3 working days.

  • Intake form new interpreters (only available in Dutch)
  • Passport photo
  • A copy of a valid identity document
  • Extensive Curriculum Vitae
  • An explanation about your command of the language(s) and or dialect(s) as indicated by you, as well how you are maintaining them
  • If applicable, a confirmation of your entry in the register of sworn interpreters and translators

Based on this it will be considered whether your registration will be further processed by the IND and if you will be invited for a preliminary interview.

Additional infomation