An internship at the IND

​Are you looking for an interesting and challenging internship?

Unfortunately, only a limited number of internships are available for the next academic year because there's insufficient supervision available due to the high workload. Look on to find a suitable internship.

The IND offers internship possibilities for pupils and students at the level of vocational education (MBO), higher education (HBO) and university (WO). The IND has locations throughout the Netherlands and internships in various fields, such as legal, policy, communication, administrative, secretarial, HR and financial. An internship can be created depending on our need and your offer.

Exploratory internship (MBO)

You are studying and you have some idea at what organisations you wish to work after you finish your studies. Still, you would like to be sure that you have a clear view of what you expect from it. You could then do an exploratory internship, or sometimes referred to as job shadowing. During this, usually brief, internship period you experience what your education looks like in practice and if it meets your expectations.
Work experience internship (MBO and HBO, sometimes WO)
During a work experience internship you will be able to put the knowledge and skills that you are being taught into practice. You will carry out work linked to your education both independently as well as in a team. This type of internship generally takes place in the second phase of your education. This internship usually lasts between 5 to 10 months.

Graduation project (HBO and WO)

During the graduation project you conduct research within the IND. This research is a theme you bring forward. It is important that the IND too has an interest in and need for this research. You conclude the research with a thesis, thus finalising your education. The internship generally last 5 months.

Part-time internship (MBO and HBO)

If you are following a part-time education and you have to do an internship as part of your education, the IND can offer the possibility to do the internship one to four days a week.
Are you interested in getting an internship at the IND and do you wish to apply?
Each location of the IND has a contact person for internships. He or she also is in contact with educational institutions in the area, possibly even with your educational institution!
Is your educational institution not in contact with the IND, then please email your request for an internship to Include a letter stating your motivation, along with your CV. Clearly state at which location you want to do your internship.

Sandra was doing her internship at the IND Information and Analysis Centre (INDIAC Department). She helped carry out a research on the need for labour migration of third-country nationals in the Netherlands. Read her story.

How long in advance can you request an internship/graduation project?

Does your internship start in September? Then start the application in March or April. Does your internship start in January? Then start in September or October.

What happens next after you have applied for an internship/graduation project?

We will always send you an acknowledgement of receipt. It may be that you will be invited by the manager who offers internship opportunities. It may also be that there are currently no more internships available and that we have to reject your application.

Are you interested in an internship at the Government?

The website offers you a direct search for internships and graduation projects at the Government and the opportunity to possibly apply digitally straight away.
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