Information for students

​As long as men have existed, they have been travelling.

At times just for a short while, at times for good. Sometimes because they want to, but sometimes because they have no other option. For example, because they live in a country that is not safe.

If you want to live in the Netherlands, you have to apply for a residence permit at the IND. IND stands for Immigration and Naturalisation Service. Applying for a residence permit means asking for permission to live in the Netherlands. There are several reasons to come to the Netherlands. This could be because you want to work here or because you are in love with someone from the Netherlands. But it could also be that you wish to live here because your country of origin is not safe.

The IND has made an infosheet ‘Wie komen er naar Nederland? ’ (Who comes to the Netherlands?)’  (only available in Dutch). This has been made especially for students in primary school (groups 6-8)  and the first year of secondary school.
In this sheet, you will find information on people who come to the Netherlands and apply at the IND. This infosheet can be used in class. It also has assignments that the students can do (along with the teacher).

Presentation on location

The IND does informative presentations for groups concerning the requirements, possibilities and procedures. These are available only for groups of 10 or more people, that wish to receive further information on specific subjects.

A request for a presentation needs to be submitted in good time and will be assessed per request. A group presentation is usually without costs.