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Apply for permanent residency after Brexit

You came to live in the Netherlands before 1 January 2021. Now you have been living in the Netherlands for over 5 years consecutively. You are a United Kingdom (UK) national or the family member of a UK national. Apply for permanent residency after Brexit under the Withdrawal Agreement as soon as possible below. You can apply on 30 June 2021 at the latest. The sooner you submit your application, the sooner you will receive a residence document. You can use your residence document to easily show that you have a right of residence in the Netherlands from 1 January 2021.

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Apply online for permanent residency after Brexit

You can submit this application online. The main applicant must be a UK national. You can apply at the same time for your spouse or (registered) partner and your children under 18.

N.B. Dutch nationals cannot apply for their British spouse, partner or children. You can of course help your British family member(s) to complete the form online. Your British family member may need to provide information about your income to support their application.

Use the apply button below to start the online application.

Important tips regarding your application

  • Submit your application as soon as possible. You can apply on 30 June 2021 at the latest.
  • Call the Brexit phone line if you have questions. Or if you cannot submit your application on time: +31 (0)88 04 30410.
  • The IND is still reviewing and deciding on applications during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Do you not have a V-number as requested in the application form? You still can submit the application. The IND will create a V-number afterwards. This number will be in the letter (acknowledgment of receipt) you receive after submitting your application.
  • Completing the online application form and looking for United Kingdom in the country drop-down list? Please select Great Britain.
  • The country of birth drop-down list in the online application form is based on country names at the time of your birth. This has been agreed internationally.

Apply online

Read information about getting help in applying for a residence document and more on Government.nl

Written application

In these circumstances you may have to submit a written application:

  • You are a family member of a UK national who does not need to submit an application for themselves or already has a (EU permanent or other) residence document.
  • You are the family member of a UK national who has already submitted an online application as main applicant for their partner and other member(s) of your family. The IND will contact you if we do not receive applications from one household at the same time.
  • Your child will turn 5 or under in 2021. You can submit a written application for a temporary residence document for your child.
  • You cannot submit an online application.

Find out more under Application forms and costs below.


Conditions are legal requirements. Check the conditions by clicking this link:

What you need to submit your application 

Before starting your online application, make sure that you have all the following. You can submit an application at the same time for other family members. Make sure you also have their documents.

  1. DigiD with sms code; or DigiD app. If you do not yet have a DigiD, apply for it on www.digid.nl/en. If you have a DigiD, but have not yet set up the identity check with sms, you can activate this on MijnDigiD. For help with DigiD, visit this website (available in several different languages (Dutch, English, French and Arabic). Read the explanation about the DigiD app for more information (in Dutch and English).
  2. iDEAL (online payment method) to pay for your application. You need a Dutch bank account to set this up.
  3. Scanned copy of the pages of your passport showing your personal details and period of validity saved on your computer or phone (any format).
  4. Scanned copy of any other documents you need to upload (see below).
  5. Citizen Service Number (BSN).

Documents for online application

The online application explains which documents you need to upload. Which documents you need to present depends on your purpose of residence in the Netherlands:

  • Paid employment
  • Self-employed
  • Cross-border worker in another EU country
  • You are not working but have sufficient resources to support yourself
  • You took early retirement
  • You are not working because you are unemployed
  • You are the spouse or partner or family member of a UK national.

Documents checklist

To assess your application, the IND can look up a lot of information about for example your income. If this is not possible, we will contact you to ask you for documents so we can assess your application.

The following documents must be uploaded for everyone for whom an application is submitted:

  • Pages of passport showing personal details and document validity.
  • If you or the person for whom you are submitting an application is not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) at their town hall: documents showing residence in the Netherlands for 5 years consecutively (or shorter in exceptional cases). For example: rental contract, bank statements, statements showing rent, mortgage, electricity and water payments.

Additional documents are required depending on the reason for your residency in the Netherlands, such as:

  • Self-employed entrepreneur: extract (uittreksel) from the Chamber of Commerce and final tax returns; or financial statements for 2015 or earlier that have been officially drawn up by an accountant.
  • cross-border worker in another EU country: documents showing that you are working in another EU Member State, live in the Netherlands and travel to the Netherlands at least once a week.
  • You are not working and have sufficient resources (also for students): documents showing sufficient resources for the last 5 years. For example:
    • overviews of your savings, pension, shares portfolio, inheritance, maintenance or rental income from property. N.B. With a credit card you can not show sufficient resources; or
    • financial details of the person you maintain or income details of your spouse or partner. N.B. With a credit card you can not show sufficient resources.

The online application explains which documents to upload in each case. 

UK documents

  • UK documents drawn up by diplomatic or consular officials do not have to be legalised. You can use these documents directly in the Netherlands.
  • From 1 January 2021 all other UK documents need to be legalised with an apostille. This applies to:
    • documents issued on or after 1 January 2021; and
    • documents issued before 1 January 2021 which the IND received after this date.
  • An apostille is a stamp or sticker that is placed on your document. Legalised documents can be used in the Netherlands. Contact the British authorities to have your documents legalised. Find out more about legalisation of documents from the UK for use in the Netherlands on www.netherlandsworldwide.nl.

Official foreign documents

All official foreign documents must be legalised and translated into Dutch, English, French or German. For more information about legalisation requirements for documents by country visit www.netherlandsworldwide.nl. Or you can call the Public Information Service on 1400.


This application costs ​​€ 64.

The cost for children under 18 is ​​€ 33.


Steps in the application process

1. Submit application and pay

Click on the apply online button above to submit your application. You need to pay the fee at the same time. You will immediately receive a message by email. This is proof of your online application.

Would you like to submit a written application? Download the application form below. Send the completed application form and documents to the IND by post. When the IND receives your application, you will receive a letter from the IND. This letter will explain how you can pay for the application.

2. Receipt and application check

After your application has been received, the IND will send you a letter. This is an acknowledgment of receipt. The letter states the date on which the IND received your application. It also states the legal decision period. This is the period within which the IND has to decide on your application.

Have you received the acknowledgment of receipt? Then make an appointment online as soon as possible to have your biometric data taken. Without your biometrics, the IND cannot prepare your residence document.

The IND will then check to see if your application is complete. Are any documents missing or incorrect? Then the IND will send you a request to rectify the omission. This letter lists the documents that you still need to send to the IND. Send them before the date indicated. You can also upload the required documents via the Apply button on the IND website's home page.

My IND and Message Box (Berichtenbox)

Follow the status of your application in My IND. Did you also register to receive messages from the IND digitally in your Message Box (Berichtenbox) on mijn.overheid.nl? And did you provide your e-mail address? Than you will receive an e-mail when you have new mail from the IND.

3. Decision

The IND checks whether you meet all the necessary conditions.

The IND has to take a decision within a period of 90 days.

Negative decision

If you do not meet the conditions, you will not receive a permanent residence permit. This decision is given in the formal decision. The IND sends the decision to you. You can register an objection to the decision.

If you are not entitled to a permanent residence permit, the IND will automatically check whether you meet the conditions for a temporary residence permit. You do not have to submit a separate application for this.

Positive decision

If you meet all the conditions, you will be given a residence permit. You will receive a letter from the IND advising how and where you can collect your residence document.

Application forms and costs

Application Permanent residence document Withdrawal Agreement 6540

Please, use this form for the application for a Permanent residence document Withdrawal Agreement for UK nationals and family members.

The application form lists the documents that you have to enclose with the application. 

You have to have official foreign documents legalised and translated into Dutch, English, French or German.

How to send documents to the IND:

  • Only send copies of your documents, single-sided and on A4 paper.
  • The copies must be complete and legible (clear enough to be read).
  • Write your V-number or client number on each copy. If you do not know these numbers, then please write your name and date of birth on each copy.
  • Do not send USB sticks, CDs or DVDs.
  • Keep the original documents yourself.

Costs application

This application costs ​€ 64.

The cost for children under 18 is ​€ 33.

Apply online  Download  

After the application

Delivery of your residence document

The IND aims to have your residence document ready within 2 weeks following the positive decision. After that, the IPKD (Interdepartementale Post- en Koeriersdienst) will deliver your residence document at home.

Document validity

​You can use your residence document to show that you may live permanently in the Netherlands (duurzaam verblijf). Your residence document is valid for 10 years.  It shows your residence right for a non-temporary purpose. You are not obligated to integrate. 

After 10 years you have to renew your residence document.


The back of your residence document states whether you may work in the Netherlands. Your employer does not need a TWV for you. Your residence document states arbeid vrij toegestaan, TWV niet vereist (work permitted free from restrictions, work permit not required).

Rights almost equal to Dutch citizens

Having a permanent residence document means you have almost the same rights as someone with Dutch nationality. The main differences are that you are not allowed to vote in national elections and you are not allowed to work in specific (government) fields, such as the police or the army. For this, you first have to apply for Dutch nationality.

Further applications

Replace residence document

Has your residence document been damaged, lost or stolen? In that case, have the residence document replaced.

Renew permanent residence document

Will your permanent residence permit expire soon? You can apply for a renewal.

Becoming a Dutch citizen

After having had a residence permit for a period of 5 years, you can apply for Dutch citizenship. Then, the same rules for EU/EEA nationals apply.

DigiD with SMS code

Nowadays you can arrange many things yourself on government websites. With DigiD you log in to your personal account on government websites. Your DigiD consists of a username and password that you both choose yourself. Don't have a DigiD yet? Request this on www.digid.nl.

​To apply for a residence permit online you need to have a DigiD with SMS code. After logging in with your DigiD you will receive an SMS with a code. You will have to fill out this code as well to get access to the online application forms.

Do you have a DigiD but no SMS code verification? Please go to Mijn DigiD and log in. Choose 'Extra sms-controle aanvragen' and enter your mobile phone number. Within 5 days you receive a letter with an activation code. Activate the sms control functionality on the website of DigiD with this activation code.


​A TWV is a work permit. The employer applies for a TWV with UWV (Netherlands Employees Insurance Agency). UWV examines among other things if there is no employee with the Dutch, EU/EEA or Swiss nationality that is qualified for the job.