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Asylum: latest developments

Waiting times in the asylum procedure are increasing. The IND takes measures to decide on asylum applications as quickly as possible. Read what this means for your application.

War in Ukraine

​Have you fled from Ukraine and are you covered by the Temporary Protection Directive? Make an appointment to collect proof of residence (sticker or card). Or read more about staying in the Netherlands for people from Ukraine and Russia.


Asylum influx February 2023

In February 2023, the total influx of asylum seekers (the total number of first and repeat applications and family…

More asylum seekers from Yemen

The number of asylum seekers from Yemen increased sharply in 2021 and 2022. In 2022, 7% of the total number of first…

Asylum influx in January 2023

In January 2023 the total asylum influx (the total of first and repeat asylum applications and persons journeying in…

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