Report changes in situation

Last update: 10 May 2024

You want to report a change in your or a family member’s situation to the IND. Find out how to report a change to the IND.

Report changes

You want to report a change in your or your family member’s situation. Use the:

Online notification form for foreign national or sponsor

Which changes do I have to report?

Report changes that can have an influence on the decision by the IND. For example:

  • Your relationship or family ties have ended.
  • Your income has become less than the required amount. 
  • You have become jobless or unable to work.
  • You will have a different employer.
  • You or your family member has applied for a social assistance benefit.
  • You and your family member no longer live together.
  • Your family member has permanently left the Netherlands.
  • You are going to move to a different address.
  • You no longer meet the requirements for the residence permit for which you have applied. 
  • You want to collect your provisional residence permit (in Dutch: machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf or MVV) at a different Dutch embassy or consulate.