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Online application

Online application for frontier workers WA (Brexit)

Written application form 6550

Application for a EU residence document for staying with a minor Dutch child

Online application

Visa object

Separate appendix (pdf) 7664

Appendix ‘Statement of financial support’ for family members of a highly educated person during the orientation year (private person)

Brochure or fact sheet (pdf) 4004 Papiaments (Aruba)

Opcion & Naturalisacion: checklist paspoort - Papiaments (Aruba)

Separate appendix (pdf) 7668

Appendix Statement of financial support’ (private person)

Separate appendix (pdf) 7670

Appendix Questionnaire ‘Close personal ties’

Separate appendix (pdf) 7671

Appendix Questionnaire ‘Family life young adult 8 ECHR’

Written application form 8004

Application for a Permanent Residence Document for Nationals of the Union and their Family Members

Other form 9000

Declaration voluntary departure from the Netherlands