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Written application form 7534

Application for extension of residence permit for study at institution for secondary or senior vocational education (foreign national)

Reporting form 7568

Notification Inbound mobility student (foreign national)

Reporting form 7592

Notification form for study purposes

Brochure or fact sheet (pdf) 3072

Residence permit for work as a highly skilled migrant

Brochure or fact sheet (pdf) 3084

Recognition as sponsor

Brochure or fact sheet (pdf) 3085

Enabling a family-member or relative to come to the Netherlands

Brochure or fact sheet (pdf) 3087

Coming to study in the Netherlands

Written application form 6021

Registration for citizens of the Union

Written application form 6530

Application for a ‘Residence document Withdrawal

Brochure or fact sheet (pdf) 3090

A residence permit on the basis of an international treaty between the European Union and Turkey