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Online application

More information on access to and the possibilities in Business Portal

Online application forms in Business Portal. Employers, facilitators for start-ups, research institutions, au pair agencies and exchange organisations can submit online application in our Business Portal. After login in Business Portal you will only see the applications that you are allowed to do. Which application this are, depends on your status as sponsor. And for which permits your a recognised as a sponsor. 
Written application form 7655

Authorization request for documents or information

Written application form 7561

Application for the purpose of stay 'Intra Corporate Transfer' (Directive 2014/66/EU) (sponsor)

Written application form 7564

Application for the purpose of stay ‘Intra Corporate Transfer/Mobile ICT’ (Directive 2014/66/EU) (sponsor)

Written application form 7570

Application for the purpose of residence of 'employment as essential start-up personnel' (sponsor) - PILOT

Other form 7572

Accompanying form to the application form (GVVA) for residence within the framework of the EU Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom

Reporting form 7590

Reporting form for Intra Corporate Transfer (non-recognised sponsor)

Online application

Online notification form for foreign national or sponsor

Something has changed in your situation or in the situation of your family member and this change may affect your right of residence. On the basis of the obigation to provide information you must report these changes to the IND within 4 weeks. You can submit the changes with this form.
Separate appendix (pdf) 7676

Appendix Machtiging Verklaring betalingsgedrag nakoming fiscale verplichtingen

Written application form 7044

Aanvraag voor een gecombineerde vergunning voor verblijf en arbeid (GVVA) (referent)