Residence permit for your partner: application forms

​You can submit the application online or in writing. The online application is usually faster.

​There are several application forms. Please, make sure you use the correct form.

Online forms

For the online application you need to have a DigiD with verification via sms. Do you not yet have DigiD? Or do you not have verification via sms? Then first apply for DigiD or verification via sms. Do not forget to check the box verification via sms.

With the online application you pay before you send the application. You pay using iDeal (internet banking with a Dutch bank account).

Online application is not possible

Do you have a temporary residence permit? Or do you receive (additional) benefit from public funds? Then you cannot use the online application. Please, download your application form.

There are 2 different online application forms. Please, choose the right form.

Your partner does not have a Dutch residence permit

Online application - partner has no residence permit yetLogo DigiD

Your partner has a Dutch residence permit

Online application - partner has residence permitLogo DigiD

Video: How do I fill out the online application?

Download, print and send form by mail

Do you not or can you not do the application online? Download and print your application form. Fill out the form, add the requested documents and send the form by mail to the IND or submit the application to the Dutch representation abroad.

General form for an application at the IND for a family member

Are you or is your partner a long-term resident EU in another Member State?>

Help finding the right form

Do you doubt which form to use? Answer a few questions and we guide you to the correct form.

Start form finder

Follow your application in My IND

My IND is your personal environment with IND. Here you can see the status of your application. You must log in using DigiD with verification via sms.

Receive your post digitally via the Berichtenbox (Message box) MijnOverheid

The Berichtenbox (Message Box) is a personal, secured mailbox for digital post from government organisations. The IND is connected to the Berichtenbox of MijnOverheid. So you can receive your post from the IND digitally.

How do I activate my Berichtenbox?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Log in.
  3. You log in with your DigiD.
    • Do you not yet have a MijnOverheid account? You will then be asked to activate your account. Follow the instructions for this. When you are done, you will access MijnOverheid.
    • Have you already activated your MijnOverheid account? You will then access MijnOverheid.
  4. Go to your account details.
  5. Check your e-mail address.
  6. At messages you can set notifications for new post and a reminder if you have not opened your post on or off. The IND advises you to set both notifications on.
  7. At 'Landelijke organisaties' (National organisations) tick the Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (Immigration and Naturalisation Service).
  8. Save your changes.

You have now set the Berichtenbox for the IND. From now on you will receive post from the IND digitally.

Benefit from public funds

You may apply for a benefit when you do not have enough money to live on. Then you ask the municipality where you live for some extra money. This is a benefit from the public funds. These benefit are funded from taxes. You do not pay any premiums, like for a unemployment benefit or a benefit because you are unfit to work.