Positive decision - residence permit

‚ÄčYou have received a letter from the IND containing a positive decision on your application. This means that your partner will obtain a residence permit for 'residence with partner'. You and your partner now have to arrange a few things.

Travel to the Netherlands

Is your partner still abroad? Then your partner can now travel to the Netherlands.

Will your partner travel via a different country? Then check whether your partner needs a visa for that country.

Have biometrics taken

To prepare the residence permit, the IND needs your partner's photo, fingerprints and signature. Make an appointment online to have biometrics taken at an IND desk.

Collect the residence permit

You will receive a letter when your partner's residence permit is ready. This is usually 2 weeks after your partner's biometrics have been taken.

Make an appointment at the IND desk where the residence permit is ready

Always first make an appointment online to collect the residence permit. The letter states at which IND desk the residence permit is ready. Your partner must collect the residence permit themselves.

Check at the IND desk whether the information on the residence permit is correct

Is something not correct? Then tell the IND staff member immediately. They will correct the information and have a new residence permit made free of charge.

Your partner's residence permit is valid for 5 years

Do you (the sponsor) have your own residence permit? In that case your partner's residence permit will be valid until the end date of your permit.

Register at the town hall

Your partner must register in the Personal Records Database (BRP) at your town hall. Make an appointment yourself with your local council (gemeente). Your partner will then also obtain a citizen service number (BSN).

During registration, the local council will ask for a legalised and translated birth certificate. So have your partner bring this with them when they travel to the Netherlands.

Have a Tuberculosis (TB) test done

Did your partner advise in the application that they are willing to participate in tuberculosis (TB) research? Your partner must have an examination within 3 months after they obtain the residence permit. If they do so, the IND may revoke the permit.

Make an appointment with the Gemeenschappelijke Gezondheidsdienst (GGD)

The appointment can take place in the town where you live. Or in a town close to you. Take the appendix TB test referral form  with you to the appointment at the GGD. Fill in your partner's personal details yourself. The staff member of the GGD will complete the rest of the form.