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Extension residence permit asylum

​You have a temporary asylum residence permit. Your residence permit is almost expired. You want to extend your asylum residence permit.

When you have had a temporary asylum residence permit for 5 years, you might be eligible for a permanent asylum residence permit. One of the requirements is that you have obtained the civic integration diploma.


You have to meet the following conditions:

  • The reason why you have gotten asylum still applies.

  • You have your main residence in the Netherlands.

  • You have not given wrong information and you have not withheld information that would have made it possible for the IND to reject your asylum application.

  • You are not a threat to public order or national security.

When can I extend my residence permit?

From 6 months before your residence permit expires, you can submit an application. Until you have a new residence permit, you can apply for an identity document for foreign nationals type W.

You have to submit the application when your temporary asylum residence permit is still valid. In this way you prevent problems and ensure that you can legally stay in the Netherlands. Are you submitting the application too late? Then you can lose your right to protection and other provisions in the Netherlands. The IND may also withdraw your residence permit.

My residence permit is no longer valid. What should I do?

If your residence permit is no longer valid, you have to request an extension as soon as possible. Please, use the written application form. You cannot use the online application.

Did your residence permit expire before 1 October 2018? You may have a gap in your residence. Send a letter with your application in which you explain why you are too late with your application. 


You do not have to pay for the extension of your temporary asylum residence permit.

Apply online

You can only submit this application online if you currently have a valid residence permit.
For the online application you need:

Help logging in with DigiD

You can get an explanation about DigiD in different languages (Dutch, English, French, Arabic and Tigrinya).

Start the online application by clicking the button Apply online.

Is your residence permit not valid anymore? Please use the written application. You can find this form on this page. Please scroll down.

Apply online

After the application

Collect your residence permit

The IND will send you a letter to inform you when you can collect the residence permit. For this, you have to make an appointment online at the IND desk stated in the letter. Keep in mind that it is not always possible to visit an IND desk at short notice. Therefore, please schedule an appointment in time.

Check to see if the information on the residence permit is correct while you are still at the IND desk. If something is incorrect, inform the IND staff member at once.

The validity of the new extended residence permit depends on the kind of permit you have. And the purpose for which you have received the residence permit. The maximum validity is 5 years. But your residence permit may be valid for a shorter period.

My residence permit has expired. I have applied for an extension. Am I still allowed to work?

Were you allowed to work with your previous residence permit? Then you may continue to do so providing that you have submitted your application for extension in time. Meaning that we have received it before the expiration date of your previous permit.

What is the difference between a temporary asylum permit or a permanent asylum permit?

  • You have to extend your temporary residence permit every 5 years. If you do not do this, your residence in the Netherlands is no longer legal. The right of residence under a permanent residence permit never expires. But you have to apply for a new residence document every 5 years.

  • Extending a temporary asylum permit is free of charge. For a permanent asylum permit you have to pay.

  • For a permanent asylum residence permit you must have passed the civic integration examination or be exempt. This is not required for a temporary asylum permit.

  • In most cases, you can only apply for Dutch nationality if you have a permanent asylum permit.

Did you apply for a permanent asylum residence permit, but do you not meet the conditions? The IND will automatically check if you meet the conditions to extend your current temporary residence permit.

I have applied for an extension. Can I go on holiday abroad?

Is your residence permit still valid on the day you return to the Netherlands? It is then OK to travel. You do need to have a valid travel document. For example, a passport. You also have to take your residence permit with you when you travel.

Has your residence permit already expired? Then sometimes a return visa is needed to return to the Netherlands. You have to make an appointment for this.

I have been outside the Netherlands for more than 3 months. Can I still apply for an extension?

For an application to extend your stay, the IND checks whether you have changed your main residence . Have you changed your main residence? The IND will then not extend your residence permit. You will have to apply for a new residence permit.

Public order

Public order is peace and order on the street and in public spaces. The government organises and controls this peace and order in society. Someone who is a danger to the public order is someone who disrupts this order, for example, someone who commits an offence. The IND therefore checks whether an individual has any registered convictions. We also check whether that person is currently a serious threat to society.

DigiD with SMS code

Nowadays you can arrange many things yourself on government websites. With DigiD you log in to your personal account on government websites. Your DigiD consists of a username and password that you both choose yourself. Don't have a DigiD yet? Request this on www.digid.nl.

​To apply for a residence permit online you need to have a DigiD with SMS code. After logging in with your DigiD you will receive an SMS with a code. You will have to fill out this code as well to get access to the online application forms.

Do you have a DigiD but no SMS code verification? Please go to Mijn DigiD and log in. Choose 'Extra sms-controle aanvragen' and enter your mobile phone number. Within 5 days you receive a letter with an activation code. Activate the sms control functionality on the website of DigiD with this activation code.

formal decision

​A formal letter with the decision on your application.