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Scoring system recognised sponsors

The organisation has to show its continuity and solvency to apply for recognition as sponsor. A points system is in place to assess this. A maximum score of 100 points can be obtained. At least 50 points are required for a positive recommendation.

The points system consists of a number of components:

  • Registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
    • Is the company registered?
    • Have there been any changes in partners/ shareholders/ control since the date of the application?
    • Has a takeover, suspension of payment or bankruptcy of the company or the owners /directors occurred?
  • Assessment business plan

    Market potential:
    • product or service potential;
    • qualitative and quantitative market analysis focused on own distinctive business environment.

    • clear and appropriate organisational structure.
    • are proper competences present in the field of entrepreneurship, management and professional knowledge.

    • ratio own funds total funds: can future financial setbacks be absorbed for the next 3 years?
    • turnover forecast: is this plausible and in line with market potential?
    • liquidity forecast: operational cash flow (cash flow from operating activities) must be positive within 3 years.

A more extensive explanation of the points system and the allocation of points can be found in chapter B1 paragraph 2.3 Aliens Act Implementation Guidelines​.