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Animation video 'Which duties does a recognised sponsor have to fulfil?'

​This page contains the written text of the animation video 'Which duties does a recognised sponsor have to fulfil?'

You are a recognised sponsor. That means that the IND trusts you. Your applications for residence permits are processed faster and you need to submit fewer documents. But something is also expected of you. What exactly is set out in three legal obligations: the duty of care, the duty of administration and the obligation to provide information.

  1. The duty of care.
    You must ensure careful recruitment and selection of an employee. And inform your employee about the conditions that apply to a residence permit for living and working in the Netherlands. The duty of care is your responsibility, even if you ask someone else to do the recruitment and selection for you.
  2. The duty to keep and retain records.
    You must keep records with information about your employee. For example, an employment contract and payslips, as well as how you performed the duty of care. Then you can show this information to the IND if asked.
  3. The obligation to provide information.
    You must report changes to the IND on time. Changes in your employee’s situation, for example dismissal or if your employee starts earning less than the salary norm. And changes at your company, for example if you change address or go bankrupt. 
    Use the notification form on ind.nl or submit it digitally in the Business Portal.

If you would like to know more about your duties, visit www.ind.nl.