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Animation video 'How do I apply for recognition as a sponsor?'

This page contains the written text of the animation video 'How do I apply for a recognition as a sponsor?'

​You would like to hire a highly skilled migrant. As an employer, you must be a recognised sponsor for this purpose. You can apply for recognition as a sponsor from the IND, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. You can do it in 5 steps.

Step 1: Read the conditions on www.ind.nl

Your company or organisation must, among other things, be reliable. And financially healthy. Therefore, the IND will assess, for example, continuity and solvency. Registration with the Chamber of Commerce is also mandatory. In addition to the conditions, the website states the rights and obligations of a recognised sponsor.

Step 2: Complete the application form

You can download it from ind.nl. Please enclose all requested documents and send the complete application to the IND.

Step 3: Pay for the application

On ind.nl you can find out how much an application for recognition costs. Once the IND has received your application, you will receive a letter advising how you can pay.

Step 4: Wait for the decision

Have you paid for the application? Then the IND has 90 days to make a decision. This is called the decision period. In many cases, the IND takes a decision sooner, unless your application is incomplete. Or additional research is needed, for example, if the IND requests advice from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the RVO. In that case you will be notified and the decision period may be extended.

Step 5: The decision

If your application has been rejected and you disagree, you can apply for review. If the decision is positive, your company or organisation will be included in the 'public register of recognised sponsors' on ind.nl. You will remain a recognised sponsor until you cancel the recognition or if you no longer meet the conditions. You can now submit applications for highly skilled migrants.

Do you wish to apply for recognition? Please visit www.ind.nl