Positive decision on residence permit: what should I still do?

Last update: 15 May 2022

​Have you received a positive decision on your application for a regular residence permit? You still have to to arrange a few matters. 

Please note! The information on this page does not apply to applications for a asylum residence permit.

Travel to the Netherlands

Are you still abroad? You will then travel to the Netherlands.

Collecting your provisional residence permit (mvv)

Have you applied for a provisional residence permit (mvv)? You must then first collect the mvv at the Netherlands Embassy or Consulate your sponsor filled in on the application form. Read more about picking up the mvv and travelling to the Netherlands.

Make an appointment for having biometric data taken

Have you not applied for an mvv? And have you not yet had biometrics taken? Then make an appointment for having biometric data taken. A staff member of an IND desk will take your fingerprints and take a passport photo of you. These are needed to make your residence document. Make an appointment for having biometric data taken.

Please note!  Sometimes the fingerprints taken by the embassy are not good. If so, then you have to have your fingerprints taken again in the Netherlands. In that case, the IND will send you a letter. Also check the 'status application' in My IND to see if we still need biometrics from your. 

Collecting your residence document

The IND tries to have your residence document ready within 2 weeks after taking your biometrics. You will receive a letter if you can collect your residence document at an IND desk. Make an appointment to collect your residence document.

Making an application for review

Do you disagree with something in your decision? For example the validity of your residence permit. Or your employment status. You can then make an application for review once you have collected your residence document. Read more about applying for review of a decision of the IND.

Living in the Netherlands

After collecting your residence document you have to arrange a few more things. You have to register at the municipality where you are going to live. You also have to take out healthcare insurance. Reade more about living in the Netherlands