Residence permit lost or stolen

Last update: 14 December 2023

Your valid residence permit, residence document, statelessness document or Foreign Nationals Identity Document has been lost or stolen. Find out how you can apply for a new residence permit.


  • Report the theft or loss to the police. You will receive a certified copy of your statement from the police. This copy has a date, signature and stamp from the authority (certified copy of the original). By issuing a certified copy, the authority declares that the contents of the copy are identical to the original.
  • Enclose a copy of the police report with the application.

Validity of residence permit less than 6 months

Is your lost or stolen residence permit valid for less than 6 months? Then you can already submit an application for an extension or change of your residence permit. You will then no longer need to apply for a replacement for this period. When you pick up your new residence document, you must show the (copy) of the police report. 

Theft or loss of residence permit abroad

Report the theft or loss of your residence permit to the police in the foreign country. You need the police report to apply for a replacement. The report must be written in Dutch, English, French or German. If this is not the case, the police report has to be translated by a translator sworn in at a court. It is not always possible to travel back to the Netherlands without a residence permit. Check if you need a visa for your return trip to the Netherlands.

Finding residence permit again after making a statement

The residence permit is no longer valid after you make a statement to the police. So you always have to apply for a replacement. Have you found the residence permit again after you made a police statement? You must then hand in the residence permit you found again to the IND. You can do this at an IND desk, or you can send it to:

IND Bureau documents
P.O. Box 49
9560 AA Ter Apel

Process and costs

These are the steps in the application process for the residence permit:

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Application forms

You can apply online. You will need a DigiD with SMS verification and internet banking (iDEAL).

Online application form loss

Written application forms

Download the form if you prefer to complete the application in writing, and send it by post.