Safety first

​Whether it concerns refugees who are not safe in their own country, or people who come to the Netherlands to work or study: the IND is there for everyone. For this reason, it is important that our procedures are transparent and are not abused by people for the wrong reasons.

Safety firstThis is why we verify if each applicant is who he says he is and why we play an active part in the investigation into human trafficking, labour exploitation and migration-related fraud. Thus, we contribute to a safe Netherlands for everyone.


Alert to extremism and war crimes

Many people, fleeing from war or violence, are happy to find a safe haven in the Netherlands. In order to guarantee their safety- as well as of all other residents of the Netherlands - we closely monitor who enters our country. We remain alert to signals of extremism and jihadism and work closely together with enforcement and investigative authorities in the Netherlands and elsewhere. In addition, a team of IND specialists does research on conflict areas on a daily basis, so as to ensure that we are in tune with the latest developments. We also pay particular attention to war criminals: there is no place for them in our society. It is in fact precisely their victims who we want to offer security in our country, without them running the risk of facing their executioner. This way we combat offenders and protect the victims, as freedom and security are never self-evident.

Expert Identity investigation

Those who want to live in the Netherlands, for whatever reason, must identify themselves to us. This way, we know who enters our country. Sometimes, people claim a different identity other than their own. For example, because they think that by claiming another nationality, they will more easily get a residence permit. Or because they do not want to reveal criminal offences. To act against this type of abuse, we have a team of leading documentation experts with the IND who check documents for authenticity on a daily basis. This is how we combat identity fraud.

The effective combating of human trafficking and exploitation

Where money can be made with people, human trafficking and exploitation lie in wait. Human trafficking is a serious offence which occurs in very many different ways. When people think of human trafficking, they often think of forced prostitution, but also less prominent business sectors are faced with human trafficking and exploitation, such as in the agricultural sector, cleaning industry and the catering business. This is why we take a critical approach to the situation of migrants who want to work in the Netherlands, and why we, together with the police and the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate, check to see if everything is done according to the rules.