Overloaded telephone lines

Last update: 11 October 2021

Currently, many people are calling the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) with their questions. Due to a large number of callers, it may take longer to reach a staff member. By bringing extra telephone staff into service, the accessibility should improve before long.

In the past weeks, the IND received many calls due to delays in the timely delivery of residence documents. Also, more international students and highly skilled migrants have contacted the IND than in previous years. After lifting the travel restrictions, these people travel to our country more often again. Questions about the evacuations from Afghanistan also increased the pressure on the telephone lines. Additional staff By bringing extra staff into service, the IND hopes to improve its accessibility in the short term. In addition, we are continuously improving our processes, such as ordering and issuing residence documents. We endeavour to ensure that applicants get their documents faster and do not have to call as often.

Do you have a question for the IND?

Firstly, always check Frequently asked questions IND. Do you still need to speak to an employee, then see here all the contact options of the IND. Please note that the waiting times for a reply will be longer than usual.