Annual Report

​2016 was a year of great challenges for the IND.

Annual report 2016 - A year of major challenges

Especially in the first half of 2016 the IND was dealing with major challenges due to the high influx of asylum seekers in 2015. By opening additional treatment locations, working weekends and hiring and training of additional staff the available capacity for asylum procedures expanded.
At the same time - due to the agreement with Turkey - the influx of first asylum applications decreased, while the number of applications for Family members traveling to the Netherlands as a logical consequence of the high influx in 2015 increased.
In the course of the year also the composition of the asylum influx shifted drastically: the number of Syrian asylum applications decreased while the number of asylum seekers from safe countries rose sharply. At first from the Balkan countries, later mainly from North African countries. The latter group caused a lot of inconvenience by the end of the year.

Also managed migration increased
All this asked many agility and intensive cooperation between the IND and the organisations cooperating in the immigration process. But not only in terms of asylum the IND had a busy year. The number of regular residence applications - including foreign partners, au pairs, expats, students - has increased compared to 2015. The number of applications for Dutch citizenship fell slightly.   

Online services
While many employees were busy with the arrival of asylum seekers, applications for legal residence and Dutch citizenship, the IND was also working towards more online services. People who want to come to the Netherlands to work or study, can now submit their application for residence via the website.

The online annual result 2016 (only available in Dutch)
Annual Report (pdf)