The Netherlands, land of knowledge

​​A strong economy starts with well-educated professionals.

Dutch education is internationally known for its high quality and pleasant atmosphere. So it only makes sense that students from all over the world enrol at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences. But also young, innovative entrepreneurs and specialist knowledge workers find their way to our country. Simple and quick residence procedures make it attractive for foreign talent to establish in the Netherlands.

Studying in the Netherlands

Each year, about twelve thousand new foreign students enrol at one of our educational institutions. Not only the high-quality education, but also the wide availability in English-taught programmes and good job opportunities make the Netherlands a popular choice. We work closely together with all known educational institutions to optimally facilitate these students in arranging their residence permits. These educational institutions, for example, can submit the residence applications for their students directly to the IND, after which they receive a decision within two weeks. And the residence permit? We simply hand these out at the educational institution. This way, students can focus completely on their studies.

Macedonian student, Teodora Angelevska, is studying International and European Law at the University of Groningen. Read her story. (only available in Dutch)

Finished your studies? It is then time to take the first steps on the labour market. For those who want to take those first steps in the Netherlands, there is a special residence permit available. This way, young employees can gain work experience, while Dutch employers benefit from international talent.

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Scope for top talent

Bringing together specialist supply and demand: this can be done through a unique scheme for foreign experts. Each year, more than ten thousand highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers reinforce our economy with their expertise. To derive maximum benefit from their unique talents, highly skilled migrants can make use of the Highly Skilled Migrants Scheme. This scheme offers a simple and quick residence procedure as we work closely together with companies that want to hire them. Thus, together we work on The Netherlands, Land of Knowledge.

Ravi came to work at a company in the IT technology sector and was issued a permit as a highly skilled migrant. Read his story here.
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Innovative entrepreneurs

 More and more innovative entrepreneurs become acquainted with the Netherlands. Our country, with its excellent entrepreneurial environment being internationally oriented and having a high-quality infrastructure, serves as an attractive breeding ground for start-ups, self-employed persons and foreign investors. To give these entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop a successful company, the IND offers special procedures to them. In doing so, we also ensure the Dutch economy to benefit from innovative initiatives. 

Andriy Shmyhelskyy, from the Ukraine, developed a little polar bear that instantly shows the energy use. The redder the little bear becomes, the more electricity is being used. Read more about his product and future in the Netherlands.

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