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Extended asylum procedure (VA)

Your application for an asylum residence permit is further processed in the extended asylum procedure (VA). Please read below what this means.

Reason for extended asylum procedure

In some cases, the IND cannot complete your asylum application within 6 or 9 days (AA or AA+). Your asylum application will then be dealt with in the extended asylum procedure. There may be several reasons for this, for example:

  • You are under the age of 12 and have come to the Netherlands without your parents. 
  • You first need to feel better before you can talk about the reasons you fled your country. 
  • More time is needed to reach a careful decision. 
  • There is no interpreter.
  • You have family members who are also in the extended asylum procedure.
  • The IND is not able to deploy the proper staff members.

If your asylum application will be dealt with in the extended asylum procedure, we will let you know in advance. We will send you a letter through your lawyer. This letter explains the reasons why your application will be dealt with in the extended asylum procedure.

Duration of the extended asylum procedure

The IND must decide within 6 months on your asylum application. This is called the period for making a decision. This period is determined by law. The law makes it possible to extend the period for making a decision up to 18 months. This depends on your situation. Each asylum application is unique. It is therefore difficult to state how long an extended asylum procedure will take. You do not always have to wait for the whole decision period. Where possible, the IND will reach a decision sooner.

What happens during the extended asylum procedure

This depends on the reason why your asylum application has been extended. If you are ill, you first have to get better. Or the IND will sometimes have to wait until the right employee are available. Or the IND will first have to more research into your application.

You may await the decision on your asylum application in the Netherlands. COA can arrange another reception centre. 

You only visit the IND office, if the IND has more questions for you. In some cases, you will get an (extra) interview with the IND in the extended asylum procedure. The IND will then send you an invitation by letter. You will also continue to receive assistance from a lawyer.

Decision on your asylum application

Did the IND collect all the information to decide? Then the IND will assess your application and you will receive a letter through your lawyer. 

You will be given an asylum residence permit

You meet the conditions for a temporary asylum residence permit. This residence permit is valid for 5 years. The letter (the formal decision) states that your asylum application has been granted. The IND informs you about your rights and obligations. You are allowed to remain in the Netherlands (for the time being). Your lawyer will further explain what this means for you.

You will not be given an asylum residence permit
Does the IND assess that you do not meet the conditions for an asylum residence permit? Then you will first receive a letter (the intended decision) stating that the IND intends to reject your asylum application and the reasons why. You are allowed to respond on this intended dicision, before the IND makes the final decision. Your lawyer will send your response to the IND (a viewpoint).

After having read your response, the IND will assess whether this changes the intended decision. The IND will send a letter (the formal decision) to notify your lawyer of the result of this assessment. Your lawyer will explain the consequences of this to you. There are 2 possibilities:
  • The decision changes. You will be given an asylum residence permit. 
  • The decision does not change. You will not be given an asylum residence permit. 

Effects of a negative decision

Did the IND decide that you will not be given asylum residence permit? In consultation with your lawyer, you may appeal against this decision to a Dutch court. You then officially tell the court that you do not agree with the IND’s decision. Or you request to stay in the Netherlands during the appeal proceedings.

COA will transfer you to another asylum seekers' centre. Once there, you have to arrange your own return to your country of origin. You have 28 days to do this. After these 28 days you are no longer entitled to reception.

The Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) helps you to arrange your return. You can also turn to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for help. IOM often holds consultations at the asylum seekers' centre.​