​On 29 March 2017 the United Kingdom has announced to withdraw from the European Union. This exit (Brexit) will take place on 29 March 2019 and has consequences for British citizens and their family members who wish to continue living in the Netherlands. On this page you can read more about these consequences. This page will be adjusted in case of developments.

At this moment the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) are negotiating the withdrawal agreement in phases. You can read information about the process of negotiating and interim agreements on the website of Government of the Netherlands.

The UK will remain an EU-member state until Brexit. This means that you will remain an EU-citizen to that date. What your residence rights will be after this date, depends on the outcome of current negotiations. However, there is a provisional agreement about the rights of British and EU citizens after Brexit. The European Commission has drawn up a document with frequently asked questions about the provisional agreement.

What can you do?

The negotiations between the UK and the EU are still in progress and the withdrawal agreement is not final yet. That is why the IND cannot say what you must do in order to stay in the Netherlands after Brexit. The IND can tell you what the provisional agreement means for you as a British citizen in the Netherlands after Brexit. And what voluntary options you have today as an EU citizen to regulate your stay.

You are (family to) a British citizen, living for 5 years or more in the NetherlandsYou are a British citizen holding an EU-document for permanent residenceYou are a British citizen holding a national, regular permanent residence permitYou are (family to) a British citizen living for less than 5 years in the NetherlandsYou wish to become a Dutch citizen

You are (family of) a British citizen, and have been living in the Netherlands for 5 years or more

Permanent residence EU (costs: € 51)

You have a right of residence until Brexit. If you wish, you can apply now for a Permanent residence document for EU-citizens.  For this, you must prove that you have lived and worked (and/or had sufficient funds to support yourself)  in the Netherlands for 5 years or more. You can show this with your registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP) in the municipality. The IND checks your registration, you do not have to do anything for this. Are you not registered in the BRP? Then, you do have to show your stay with other documents. For example: employment contracts  with an employer in the Netherlands, health insurance policy providing coverage in the Netherlands or evidence showing you had a bank account registered to you on an address in the Netherlands. The basic rule is that your family members can only apply for permanent residence if you have permanent residence yourself. For more information about the requirements, please check Permanent residence for EU-citizens.

You can submit this application online. For your online application you need the following:

  • DigiD with SMS code or DigiD app. Do you not have DigiD yet? Apply for DigiD at Do you have DigiD, but not have identity check with sms or DigiD app yet? Activate this through My DigiD.
  • iDEAL (internet banking) to pay for your application.
  • Means of evidence proving you have had 5 uninterrupted years of lawful residence in the Netherlands.
  • Passport photo form. Contrary to the instructions in the (online) application, you have to use the passport photo form for your photo and signature. You do not go to the IND-desk. Your fingerprints do not have to be taken.

    Download and print the passport photo form after you have sent the online application. Fill out all data and send the form with your signature and glued-on passport photo to:
    Immigration- and Naturalisation Service
    P.O. Box 7025
    8007 HA Zwolle

Do not submit your application for permanent residence until you have lived in the Netherlands for 5 years. 

Apply online permanent residence EU

If the online application does not succeed,  you can download the application form and send it by mail.

The costs of this application are non-refundable.

National permit: permanent regular residence permit (costs: € 161)

You can also apply for a national, regular permit for permanent residence. For this application, you must have passed the civic integration examination or be exempted from the examination. For the other conditions, please check Permanent residence. The online application is only available in Dutch.

Apply online permanent residence

If the online application does not succeed, you can download the application form and send it by mail. This form is only available in Dutch.

The costs of this application are non-refundable. 

You are a British citizen holding an EU-document for permanent residence

You have a right of residence as an EU-citizen until Brexit. At this moment your residential right in the Netherlands after Brexit is unclear. This depends on the result of current negotiations between the UK and EU.

You are a British citizen holding a national, permanent regular residence permit

You have a right of residence at this moment as well as after Brexit. The Brexit does not influence your right of residence.  

You are (family of) a British citizen and have been living in the Netherlands for less than 5 years

You have a right of residence as an EU citizen until Brexit. If you wish, you can apply now for a national, temporary regular residence permit. A temporary residence permit is always issued for a specific purpose of stay, such as staying with your Family, in order to Work or to Study. Every residence permit has its own conditions and costs. Click on the links in this paragraph for more information about the different types of residence permits and the costs. 

The costs of this application are non-refundable. 

You want to become a Dutch citizen

You also can apply for the Dutch nationality. For this, there are 2 procedures: naturalisation and option. Both are submitted at the municipality.

Obtaining Dutch nationality through naturalisation (costs: € 866)

If you have you lived uninterruptedly in the Netherlands for 5 years or more, then you can apply for Dutch citizenship. Are you in a long-term relationship with a Dutch national (married, registered partnership or living together out of wedlock)? Then you can apply for naturalisation after 3 years of living together with your Dutch partner.

You must meet a number of conditions. The most important being:

  • You have lawful stay in the Netherlands immediately prior to the naturalisation application until the actual naturalisation ceremony. You can have lawful stay according to international treaties like the EU Treaty or as a holder of a Dutch residence permit for a non-temporary purpose of stay.
  • You have obtained the civic integration diploma. With this you prove, among other things, to be able to read, write and understand Dutch sufficiently. In some cases, you could be exempted.
  • You renounce your British nationality (after becoming a Dutch citizen). There are some exceptions, for example when you are married to or in a registered partnership with a Dutch national. You submit the application to the municipality. 

Check the other conditions on the page Naturalisation. Here you can read more about the application procedure and the possibility to have your minor children naturalised together with you. You submit the application to the municipality where you are registered. 

                The costs of the application are non-refundable. 

Obtaining Dutch nationality through option (costs:  € 184) 

The option procedure is faster, cheaper and has less conditions, but is only possible for a limited group of citizens. In most cases, you can keep your British nationality. You do not have to obtain the civic integration diploma.  

You can read about the conditions and the application procedure on the page Option. You submit the application to your municipality where you are registered.

 The costs of the application are non-refundable. 


Do you have any questions or do you doubt whether you meet the conditions of a certain residence permit? Contact the IND.