Ukraine: collect your card (O-document)

Last update: 1 December 2022

Have you been at an IND location and did we take a passport photo of you there? Then you will receive a card as proof of residency in the Netherlands. You can collect this card yourself without an appointment in Amsterdam.

Location to collect your card

You can pick up your card at this location:

Gatwickstraat 1
1043GK Amsterdam

View location Gatwickstraat on Google Maps.

Bring your children to collect their card

Do you have children aged 14 years or over that receive a card? Then bring them to collect their own card.

Collect your card 3 weeks after the passport photo

Making the card takes a maximum of 3 weeks. Therefore, come and collect your card 3 weeks after you had your passport photo taken. This way you can be sure that the card is ready.


Did we take your passport photo on 1 December 2022? Then you can collect the card from 22 December 2022.