Ukraine: appointment to collect proof of residency

Last update: 10 August 2023

Do you come under the Temporary Protection Directive and are you registered at your municipality? Then you can make an appointment to collect your proof of residency from the IND. This is a sticker or a card. Read what kind of appointment you have to make in your situation.

Appointment to collect sticker

You will sign your asylum application during this appointment. An IND staff member will check if you meet the requirements for temporary protection. If this is the case, you will receive your sticker in your passport on a separate sheet of paper. Make this appointment in one of the following situations: 

  • You have not visited the IND yet to collect your proof of residency. You have been registered at the municipality (BRP) for at least 1 week on the day that you visit the IND to pick up your sticker.
  • You have already collected a sticker or card from the IND, but after that you have been deregistered from the municipality (BRP). Or you have been away from the reception of the municipality for more than 28 days. You have been registered with a municipality (BRP) for at least 1 week on the day of your appointment at the IND.
  • You have already collected a sticker or card from the IND, but it has been lost or stolen. You have reported this to the police.

Make appointment to collect sticker

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  • Making an appointment for more people

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  • Пояснення - Appointment scheduler manual in Ukrainian and Russian

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  • What to bring to the appointment

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Follow-up appointment: collecting card

In some cases you get a card as proof of residency. This is called an O-document. This does not apply to everyone. Make this appointment only in the following situation:

  • You have received a letter stating you will get a (new) card.

Make appointment to collect card

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Cancel appointment

Did you make an appointment, but are you unable to come? Then cancel your appointment. Use the link in the e-mail you received after making the appointment. Is the appointment for more than 1 person? Then you will cancel the appointment for everyone.

Rescheduling of appointment not possible

Technically, it is not possible to reschedule your appointment. Please cancel the appointment and make a new appointment for another date. 


You can collect your sticker or card from the IND at Gatwickstraat 1 in Amsterdam (by appointment only). This location is specifically for refugees from Ukraine. View this location on Google Maps.

Free parking

Are you coming to your appointment by car? Then you can park it for free at the IND location. You have to go through a barrier gate to get to the parking lot. Please press the bell directly in front of the gate.