Ukraine: appointment to collect proof of residency

Last update: 24 November 2022

Do you come under the Temporary Protection Directive and are you registered at your local council? Then you can make an appointment to collect your proof of residency from the IND. Make an appointment on this page and find out what you can expect at the IND pickup location.


Read more information about making an appointment in Ukrainian (українською) on Or read the information in Russian (русском) on



Make appointment

  • To collect your proof of residency, you make an appointment at the IND pickup location at this address: Gatwickstraat 1 in Amsterdam. View this location on Google Maps.
  • You need your citizen service number (in Dutch: burgerservicenummer or BSN). You get this number when you register at your local council in the Netherlands. Make sure you are registered at the local council for at least 1 week on the day you collect your proof of residency.
  • Make an appointment for up to 6 family members at the same time. For example, for your partner and children. Bring your children to the pickup location as well.
  • Collect the proof of residency yourself. Someone else cannot collect it for you. Children under 18 years are required to collect their document together with a parent or legal representative.

Make an appointment

Instruction manual

Пояснення «Записатися на прийом» українською

Пояснение «Записаться на прием» на русском языках  


Do you have a question about making an appointment? Please call our Ukraine appointment line +31 88 043 03 61. You can call from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00. You cannot make or cancel an appointment via this telephone line.

Cancel appointment

Did you make an appointment, but are you unable to come? Then cancel your appointment. Use the link in the e-mail you received after making the appointment. Is the appointment for more than 1 person? Then you will cancel the appointment for everyone.

Rescheduling of appointment not possible

Technically, it is not possible to reschedule your appointment. Please cancel the appointment and make a new appointment for another date. 

What to bring to your appointment

To collect the proof of residency, you must bring these documents with you to the appointment.

  • A valid passport, identity card or statement from the Ukrainian embassy. Do you have children without proof of identity who are not included in your passport? Then bring their certificate of birth.
  • Proof that shows when you left Ukraine and since when you are staying in the Netherlands. For example, a residence permit, visa or stamps in your passport. Or tickets from your plane, train or bus to the Netherlands. Or other proof that shows since when you have been in the Netherlands. After you left Ukraine, did you temporarily stay in other countries before coming to the Netherlands? Bring proof that shows where you have been and during what period.
  • A Ukrainian residence permit which was valid on 23 February 2022 (only if you are not Ukrainian).
  • Your citizen service number (in Dutch: burgerservicenummer or BSN). You got this number when you registered at your local council here in the Netherlands.
  • The appointment code. You will see this code when you have made the appointment. And in the e-mail confirming your appointment. You can use this code only once. 
  • The official report from the police, if your previous proof of residency is lost or has been stolen. 

Collecting proof of residency

Below you can find out what to expect when you pick up your proof of residency. 

Completing asylum application and antecedents certificate

You must fill in 2 IND forms during your appointment at the pickup location. At the location there are translations of both forms in Ukrainian, Russian and English. There are also staff members (hosts) who can help you fill in these forms. They speak Ukrainian, Russian or English. 

Asylum application

Your application for residence under the directive officially starts when you register at your local council. However, you must sign an application form at the pickup location. This form is called an M35H and it is the official asylum application. It applies to everyone aged 15 and over. Are your children aged under 15? Then they must be included on your application form. 

Because you come under the Temporary Protection Directive, your rights are different to those under the standard asylum application. You may work in the Netherlands immediately. The IND will not assess your asylum application as long as the directive is in force. The directive will apply until at least 4 March 2024. This means that you will not have interviews or receive a decision on your application.  

Antecedents certificate

Everyone aged 12 and over must also fill in an antecedents certificate. On this certificate, you state whether you have ever committed a punishable offence or crime. You must also sign the form. 

IND checks details

At the pickup location, an IND staff member will check:

  • your registration with the local council;
  • your appointment code; 
  • your documents; and
  • whether you come under the Temporary Protection Directive. 

Sticker or card (O-document)

Everyone aged 14 or over will be given a proof of residency. A sticker in the passport or on a separate piece of paper. Or a card (O-document). Children under the age of 14 do not need a proof of residency to live in the Netherlands.

Sometimes you will not be given a sticker, but a card. In that case, an IND staff member will then take a photo of you at the pickup location. You will receive the card later, because first we have to make it for you. Read when you can collect your card on the page Ukraine: collect your card (O-document).

Your rights are the same whether you receive a sticker or card. These rights are the same for everyone. Keep reading to find out when you will receive a sticker and when you will receive a card.

When you will receive a sticker in your passport

  • You are a Ukrainian woman. 
  • You are a Ukrainian man aged 60 or over (on 24 February 2022). 

When you will receive a sticker on a separate piece of paper

  • You are a Ukrainian man under 60 years old (on 24 February 2022).
  • You have an identity card or statement from the Ukrainian embassy (no passport). 
  • You only have an internal Ukrainian passport.
  • You are Ukrainian and you have a passport that is expired. Or expires before 4 March 2023. 

When you will receive a card

  • You not have a passport, identity card or statement from the Ukrainian embassy, but you come under the directive.
  • You are a Ukrainian child aged 14 or over without proof of identity (passport). 
  • You do not have Ukrainian nationality and you have a passport that is expired. Or expires before 4 March 2023. 

You have a sticker or card (O-document): what does this mean?

Read more information about the sticker in the flyer Residence in the Netherlands: what does it mean for you? Or read more information about the card (O-document) in the flyer Residence in the Netherlands: what does it mean for you?