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Apply for review of a decision on a Schengen or transit visa

Last check: 10-03-2021

Have you received a decision on your application for a Schengen or transit visa? And do you disagree with that decision? You may apply for review with the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst or IND).


Who can apply for review of a decision on a visa

You have submitted an application to a Netherlands embassy or consulate for a Schengen visa for a short stay in the Netherlands. Or for a transit visa for a stopover in the Netherlands. You have received a decision on this application for a tourist visa, business visa or transit visa . You do not agree with the decision and want to apply for review. Someone else can also apply for review for you.

Apply for review in the country responsible for the application decision

Did a country other than the Netherlands decide on your visa application? Please apply for review with that country. You cannot apply for review with the IND.

How to apply for review with the IND

You apply by sending a application for review to the IND by post. In this letter you explain why you disagree with the decision. The application for review must include the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • The date
  • The name and date of birth of the person who applied for the visa
  • The reasons why you believe the decision is not right
  • Documents showing why you believe you should receive a visa
  • Your signature
  • A copy of the decision

Send the application for review

Please send your application for review to:

IND Visadienst
Postbus 2
9560 AA Ter Apel

Or by fax to: 08804 – 32853

Four-week objection period

The period to apply for review is 4 weeks. This means that you must send your application for review within 4 weeks. The 4-week period starts on the day you receive the decision on your visa application.

Application for review after a positive decision

Did you received a positive decision on your visa application but do you disagree with part of it? For example, the start date or period of validity. You cannot apply for review until after you collected your visa. You can apply for review within 4 weeks after you collected the visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate.

Have someone else apply for review for you

If you are unable or unwilling to apply for review yourself, someone else can object for you. These people can apply for review for you:

  • Your legal representative. This is a parent, guardian or other person who handles your affairs.
  • An attorney
  • A special authorised representative

A special authorised representative is someone who has your permission to object for you. You must authorise this person in writing. Use the authorisation form visa objection. Or write your own letter in which you say whom you are authorising and what they are authorised to do. Please also sign the letter. Send the form or your own authorisation along with the application for review. Please also include a copy of your passport.

Help with the application for review

Do you need help? If so, please contact legal aid or another support worker. Please visit the Legal Portal (Juridisch Loket) for further information on help from legal aid or other support workers.

Decision on your application for review

The IND has 12 weeks to consider your objection. This is called the decision period. The decision period starts on the last day on which you could have lodged the objection, even if you lodge it sooner. Read more on the IND decision period.

Positive or negative decision on your objection

The IND will send the decision to the Netherlands embassy or consulate where you applied for your visa. The embassy or the consulate will send you an official copy of the decision. If someone else objected for you, the IND will send the objection decision to that person as well.

Two decisions are possible:

  1. The decision is positive: Your objection is justified. This means that the IND agrees with you. You will still receive a positive decision on your visa application. This means you will receive the Schengen visa of transit visa. You can collect the visa within 3 months at the embassy or consulate where you applied for it.
  2. The decision is negative: Your objection is not justified. This means that the IND does not agree with you. You will not receive the tourist visa, business visa or transit visa. If you still disagree, you can lodge an appeal in court.

Going to court

If you received a negative decision on your objection, you can lodge an appeal in court. The decision letter indicates the deadline for appeal. Read more about lodging an appeal on the Judicial System ('de Rechtspraak') website (in Dutch only).

The IND decides late

Has the decision period passed and you have still not received a decision on your application or review? Then the IND is late in deciding. Find out what you can do if the IND is late with its decision.

Rules and regulations

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