Temporary protection for third country nationals from Ukraine will continue until 4 September 2023

Last update: 10 February 2023

Until 4 September 2023 third country nationals with temporary residence permits in Ukraine will come under the European Temporary Protection Directive (TPD). The government extended this period by six months. This concerns 4,660 refugees from Ukraine who originally came from other countries. Third country nationals who want to stay in the Netherlands after temporary protection ends will go through the asylum process. 

The IND will soon inform third country nationals about their status and its continuation. They will be requested to apply for displaced persons document (in Dutch: O-document, written in full  Ontheemden-document). They can use this to prove that they also have a right to temporary protection after 4 March 2023. 

Asylum process started

All refugees from Ukraine signed an asylum application when they collected a proof of residence. In the coming period the IND will start the phased handling of applications by third country nationals with a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Two groups will then be handled with priority: people coming from a safe country of origin (approximately 1200 persons) and people from Syria and Yemen who have a very good chance of asylum in the Netherlands (approximately 100 persons). Others will not be given priority over asylum seekers who have already been waiting for a decision by the IND for a longer time.   

Residence status

Temporary Protection Directive

Proof of residence

Third country nationals with temporary residence in Ukraine

Until 4 September 2023

O-document that is valid until 4 September 2023

Third country nationals with permanent residence or a family member in Ukraine 

Until 4 March 2024

O-document that is valid until 4 March 2024

Ukrainian nationality

Until 4 March 2024

Letter with residence sticker in passport