Prolonged wait time for appointment at IND desk

Last update: 29 April 2022

It is busy at the IND desks. That being the case, applicants have to wait two to three times longer than usual for an appointment if they wish to collect a residence permit or have their biometrics taken. The latter is very annoying. The IND is doing its utmost to reduce the waiting time. Expectations are, however, that reaching a solution may take some time. 


Opening hours are extended and more frequent for applicants
Our business hours are more frequently extended to Saturdays so more applicants can visit an IND desk. In addition, the IND wants to issue more residence documents at places where groups of applicants stay, for example, companies or universities. The IND is also investigating the possibility of delivering residence documents to home addresses in special cases.

More than a spring peak

Spring always is a busy period at the IND desks, which is due, among other things, to ex-pats wanting to live and work in the Netherlands from the summer and international students applying for the new academic year. Nevertheless, the waiting time this year is even longer than before. One reason is the substantial increase in the number of knowledge migrants. Another is that application procedures can continue now that the corona travel restrictions have been lifted.

Besides the increased number of applications, the capacity at the counters is a limiting factor. There are simply more hands needed to operate a biometrics pillar or issue residence permits. The shortage in the labour market also challenges the IND when recruiting new employees.  

Also busy with telephone and e-mail communications

Lately, the IND has been receiving many e-mails and telephone calls. The IND currently chooses to be more accessible by phone. Therefore, fewer employees are available to answer e-mails. Consequently, one may have to wait longer for a reply to an e-mail.