Pilot for application dependents relieves Ter Apel

Last update: 21 December 2021

​The IND moves applications of dependents of asylum permit holders from Ter Apel to the IND location in Zevenaar. This measure reduces the pressure at the application centre in Ter Apel. There, about 240 dependents report every week. The pilot project will determine the number of dependents the IND can handle in Zevenaar.

Due to the high influx of asylum seekers and dependents, the application centre in Ter Apel has been remarkably busy for some time now. By 2021, an influx of about 18,000 first time asylum applications had been taken into account. However, on current projections, between 23,000 and 25,000 first applications will come in this year. Moving the influx of dependents should help relax the pressure in Ter Apel. By now, the IND location in Zevenaar is ready, within the applicable measures against COVID-19, to receive dependents.

Step by step

Moving the application process for dependents from Ter Apel to Zevenaar is done one step at a time. The pilot starts with the group that can stay with a family member in the Netherlands after arrival, seeing that COA does not have to assist and accommodate them. Once the flight ticket has been booked, an online appointment can be made in Zevenaar via this website. The IND then starts the preparations for the appointment, and COA checks whether the accommodation at the family member is suitable. Based on the experiences with the first pilot group, the IND, together with COA and other partners, will examine whether and, if so, how to extent moving dependents to Zevenaar.

Dependents travelling to the Netherlands are already known to the IND before departure and have an entry visa. Application with the IND and registration in the BRP are the only administrative actions required after arrival in the Netherlands.


Every week, an average of 240 dependents of asylum permit holders report to Ter Apel. After registration and verification of identity, some of them can immediately go on to the family in the Netherlands. Therefore, moving the application process for this group to Zevenaar will directly reduce the number of applications in Ter Apel.

From now on, the exact number of applications in Zevenaar will be published monthly on this website.