More fines imposed on sponsors

Last update: 10 May 2021

​In 2020, the IND imposed more fines on (recognised) sponsors. In total, there were about 100 fines. It has to do with the fact that last year, extra efforts were made to ensure enforcement.

A sponsor is a person, organisation or institution that has an interest in the foreign national's presence in the Netherlands. For a number of purposes of a residence permit applies that the sponsor must be recognised by the IND. The rights and obligations of the recognised sponsors can be found on this website. Here you will also find information about how fines are imposed and how high they are. Most sponsors adhere to the rules, yet more fines were handed out to both sponsors and recognised sponsors in 2020 due to stricter enforcement by the IND.

Information obligation

The IND imposes fines in the field of duty of care, duty of administration and duty to provide information. The fines imposed usually concern the obligation to provice information. For example, if it is not reported that the wage criterion (sufficient income) has not been met. According to the duty of care, the recognised sponsor is obliged to inform a highly skilled migrant correctly about his or her rights and obligations. A recognised sponsor must also carefully recruit and select a highly skilled migrant. In addition, fines are imposed on sponsors, for example in the case of family reunification. This can happen if the conditions are no longer met, for example if people no longer live together or if their relationship as ended. Based on its findings, the IND assesses wether a warning or a fine is appropriate. It is assessed on a case-by-case basis wether the violation was intentional and what other circumstances must be taken into account.

Information for recognised sponsors

The IND will continue to focus on enforcement in 2021. Are you a recognised sponsor and do you have any questions? Or are you new as a recognised sponsor and would you like to know more about your rights and obligations? We regularly hold (online) information meetings for new and existing recognised sponsors. You can find out on this website when they take place.


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