Monthly report about residence applications from Brits

Last update: 2 July 2020

​The IND will publish a monthly report about the progress of decisions on residence applications from Brits and their family members as a result of Brexit. The report contains the overall figures from February 2020, when the IND started sending out invitations to submit an application online.

Since February up to and including June, the IND has sent 22,010 invitation letters to UK nationals living in the Netherlands. As a result, 15,278 Brits have submitted an application for a residence document to the IND. To date, the IND has decided on 10,072  applications.

Step by step

The IND cannot provide all Brits with a residence document at once. That is why the IND is inviting UK nationals to submit an application spread out over 2020. The IND has already been processing applications for some time now. A special team has been set up to assist Brits in arranging their residence after Brexit in a timely and efficient manner.


The report can be found on the IND's web page Figures and publications.

Brexit line for Brits

UK nationals who have any questions, can call the IND's Brexit line on 088 04 30410. The number is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 5.00.